My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Elle Field

So today sharing her deserted island feature is Elle.

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So, first up: I don’t know how this happened. One minute I was enjoying my in-flight movie and a cheeky mini tub of salt and vinegar Pringles and the next… well, the next minute some tall stranger is getting my severely battered calfskin Mulberry tote bag down from a palm tree instead of down from the overhead locker.

The first thing I went for was my iPhone, which obviously only had 4% battery left, and it promptly died within a second of me trying to call someone, anyone, to rescue us… not that there is a signal here, wherever here is. It definitely isn’t Japan, and it’s certainly not London. I’ve had better days. Still, at least I’m not on my own and maybe, somehow, we might just be able to work together and stay alive until someone finds us.

The first person I met didn’t fill me with hope though. He looks a little skinny, plus he’s quite young, but Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel as he introduced himself (Yann Martel’s Life of Pi) reassured me that surviving a shipwreck is his speciality. If there are any wild beasts on this island, Pi will soothe these savage beasts and, do you know what, I believe him. There’s something about this boy that makes me think we’re going to be OK, despite his deceiving appearance.
If I was going on appearance though, Ben Hope (Scott Mariani’s Ben Hope series) is the man I would place my bets on and, sure enough, he revealed to me when he got my handbag out of that palm tree that he’s ex-SAS and has been in worse situations than this one. He’s already at work using his special tools to break down everyone’s iPhones and Kindles in the hope that he can somehow create a super boosted communications device that will lead to us being rescued.

Ben Hope may be good-looking in a rough and ready way, but he’s not as good looking as Will Tennant (Decent Exposure by Phillipa Ashley) who I recognise as the man who was sat in the aisle seat opposite me on the plane before… well, things went wrong. OK, Will has come across as a bit stubborn and rude in the past few hours I’ve been awake, but I heard him talking to Ben about being part of a mountain rescue team so I think he’ll be useful. Not to mention he’s bloody gorgeous. If everything goes horribly wrong and we don’t get rescued, at least there’s someone on this island that I could have a little fun with whilst we die a slow and horrible death.

Maybe Melanie is more his type though? (Melanie Stryder from The Host by Stephenie Meyer.) She seems a bit weird as she keeps mentioning aliens but she’s got this dark hair and tanned skin thing going on and she looks like a survivor, so maybe Will will fancy her instead? I reckon out of everyone, despite those mentions of aliens, she’ll be able to keep her mind focused, calm and in control – she seems strong minded – and she’ll be able to keep us calm, too.

That brings me to Celia, who is the last survivor we’ve found (Celia Bowen, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern). She’s dressed like she’s from another time – maybe she was on her way to a comic convention in Tokyo – and she says she’s an illusionist… Maybe when life gets tough here on the island she’ll be able to make us believe that we’re anywhere but here. Oh look, isn’t that the flight attendant walking towards us with the drinks trolley… is it? No, my mind is playing tricks on me. Wait, look at that dancing gold monkey in the tree, shaking those maracas… OK, things are getting a little odd here. Maybe I should go and find firewood – it’s going to get cold soon and I need to prove to the group that I’m a survivor too.

Elle Field is the author of Kept: Her next book Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not is out October 17th.

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Thank you so much Elle, that was super.

Tomorrow Megan is stranded and will be calling upon 5 fictional characters.


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