Reviewing Policy

Hello bookish friends,

I am Victoria and welcome to my blog. I have now been running this blog for quite a few years. I slowed down for a while with reviewing books, only doing so many a year as I was receiving so many books I couldn’t keep up, look after my family and get reviews posted quick enough. But now I am back and ready to take on more books and get more reviews up!

I would firstly like to state that this is a hobby for me and I am in no way paid, so my family life will always come first.

I will consider all review requests but only accept those that excite and interest me. I cannot promise to read a book by a certain deadline, as I do have an ever growing pile of books to get through. But I can promise if I accept a book to get it read and reviewed as quickly as I can.

I am also open to cover reveals, giveaways and blog tour hosting, I will only interview an author of a book I have read as I like to make my questions both relevant and personal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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