Hi fellow nerds!

I’m Victoria, I’m 35 and an avid reader of books from any genre and I’m hoping to review them on here and share them with you.

I really will read anything. I believe in giving any genre a go. I’m mainly into a good love story but I love a gritty crime too, the darker and grittier the better.

Historical fiction has a huge spot in my heart and am always looking for new books to discover, so feel free to send me your recommendations!

If you have any time travel love stories, you should have sent it over YESTERDAY. Because that’s my drug of choice!

I really look forward to chatting to you all and would love for you to leave comments or recommendations for books as its the best way to discover new stories.

Thanks for stopping by


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog hun!!!! Really ahve enjoyed looking through it! And have a found a couple of books I’m gonna download πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Great blog Victoria. Thank you.
    I’ll be downloading ‘The Wicked Girls.’
    I’ll email you and perhaps you would review of my debut novel ‘ Smile of the Viper’ published by Caffeine Nights at some time but fully understand you will have quite a TBR pile!
    All best wishes to you for 2014.
    Harry (Dunn)

  3. Hi Victoria.
    Loved your review of Wicked Girls. Will download it.
    I have two published books and a third about to be released. They are all published by Legend Press, so I am an Indie publisher, so, although I don’t think of myself as ‘self-published’, I suppose I am. I’m sad if that rules my novels off your review list. Getting reviews is such a helpful thing when you are trying to market your novels, but getting reviews is becoming almost as hard as getting an agent! They, too, usually accept novels by those they already represent.
    Please, if you change your mind, I’d love if you would like to read and review one of my novels.
    Making It Home, my second novel, is downloadable FREE on Amazon Kindle this Friday and Saturday as a run-in to the release of my third novel. Details on my blog : http://cicampbellblog.wordpress.com

  4. Dear Victoria,

    I like your blog !. I’m glad to havd followed you. You share the same passion for books as me.

    Please like and follow my blog Shami’s Library.It’s a new blog ! However, I have been reading for donkey years ! I loooooveeee books !

    I would recommend you reading the Wrath and the Dawn by Rene Ahdieh. It is fantasy romance and thrill and some crime involved !



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