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He Will Be Mine by Kirsty Greenwood

Nora Tucker is an admin assistant from a tiny English village.

Gary Montgomery is Hollywood’s hottest new star.

After seeing him on the silver screen, Nora believes that Gary is her soulmate, her one true love, the man she’s supposed to grow old and wrinkly with. She knows it sounds nuts, she knows it’s completely crazy. But sometimes love is crazy, right?

Only… how on earth is this Plain Jane introvert supposed to get to Los Angeles, infiltrate Gary’s inner circle AND convince him that they’re meant to be? Throwing herself into this mission might be a tall order but it means Nora can stop thinking about that one awful day, two years ago, when everything in her life fell apart…

With the help of a sunny Californian weather girl, a super hot but super grumpy script writer, and a very passionate Adam Levine tribute act, Nora is about to try the impossible and let fate decide her future…’

I am SO excited to tell you guys about this book. As you must all know by now, I am the hugest Kirsty Greenwood fan. Her books give me nothing but absolute joy and always guarantee to have me laughing uncontrollably. He Will Be Mine was of course no different!

I have to start this by saying, I think this book is without a doubt the best book she has written yet. I actually cannot believe I am saying this because Yours Truly will always own my heart. But there was just something incredibly special about this one. This wasn’t just a book to make you laugh, it made you fall in love, it made you cherish those friendships that push you, to be the best version of yourself. Most importantly it showed you that even if you aren’t feeling the best version of yourself… you will get there, with the help of those that love you. Plus being yourself is so much more important than pretending to be someone that society wants you to be.

He Will Be Mine is centred around Nora. Nora is an English girl still struggling to come to terms with the fact her parents died. When they died, Nora did too. (The real Nora that is). Nora had dreams of being a singer/songwriter and was following her dreams, she was happy and confident with friends. After her parents death she gave up her dreams and pretty much became a recluse, no longer singing or writing. Working from home as a virtual PA and with only her sister for company.

Nora liked being at home though, she liked her lifestyle and liked the quiet, repetitive days. There was no need to step out of her comfort zone! Her sister Imogene however thinks that Nora needs to change and also desperately tries to fix her up on dates, which Nora has no intention of going on. Nora does not appreciate Imogene’s taste in men, plus she has been on many dates, they just aren’t ‘THE ONE’. You see Nora wants what her parents had and refuses to settle for anything less! She wants to clap eyes on her soul mate and know instantly that she has found him. That spark, the one in all the movies and books she reads, that spark is what she is waiting for. Even if her sister scoffs and calls her crazy, that soul mates just don’t exist.

Imogene decides to drag Nora out to the cinema and THAT is where she finally gets that moment, the electricity. Nora finally meets her soul mate… Gary Montgomery the newest and hottest movie star to hit Hollywood. From the second she claps eyes on him she just knows that he is the one. When she tells Imogene, well you can imagine that conversation, yet somehow Nora finds herself agreeing with Imogene that she should fly to LA and see him in the flesh, then when she realises she is crazy, she can come home and deal with her grief properly. Imogene even books the flight to stop Nora from backing out.

So, Nora contacts one of her bookish, super nerd Facebook friends. A girl named Kennedy, that she met in a superfan group of her favourite books. She hopes Kennedy can tell her of somewhere cheap she can stay, whilst on her mission to track down Gary, but Kennedy has another plan. Nora can stay with her for free, as long as she dogsits for her. Nora jumps at the chance and finds herself on her way to LA!

This is where the story begins. This is where Nora sets of in pursuit of love and finds herself branded a stalker and on security’s most wanted list. Where she finds herself making a best friend who pushes her out of her comfort zone consistently and where she becomes a meat smuggler for the horniest dog in LA!

I wish I had it in me to somehow put into words just how perfect this book was. There is SO much I want to praise. I laughed HARD, I cried HARDER.

Nora is your normal woman, she is curvy and fucking proud of her body. As she should be! I really loved that, I loved that Kirsty wrote about a normal woman. Not a size six, immaculate, put together heroine, who feared carbs! It was genuinely so refreshing to read. I absolutely adored that someone she met online became her absolute best friend, something I can really relate too. I think that is a huge reason why this story is just so brilliant, because Nora is genuinely relatable to readers.

From the very beginning you are on Nora’s side and cheering her on as you see her gain confidence. But also cringing and laughing as she ends up in even more ridiculous situations, where she somehow comes across more unhinged than before.

Another thing I absolutely LOVED was the diary entries from Gary. Utter perfection. I loved we got a glimpse into how he was feeling and how we saw parts of Nora’s disasters through his eyes, even though they haven’t actually met. But most importantly, how similar they actually were, so you end up desperately hoping they somehow BOTH have that spark, you pray it isn’t just in Nora’s head.

He Will Be Mine is tremendously brilliant, outrageous and effortlessly funny. The perfect escape from 2020. Exactly what you expect from a Kirsty Greenwood novel, impossible to put down, tears of laughter and utterly perfect. It will have you wanting to pack a bag and go on an adventure!

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