2017 Book Reviews

The Honey Trap by Karli Perrin

The Honey Trap by [Perrin, Karli]
‘After catching her childhood sweetheart cheating on her, Sophia Hamilton is hell-bent on stopping other women from getting played like she was.
And so the played becomes the player.
Fast forward two years and Sophia is now one of San Francisco’s most successful honey trappers. Getting paid to expose cheating men has become the norm but just when she thinks she has seen it all, she is offered a unique proposition which threatens to turn her entire world upside down.
Mason Hunter is a hotel tycoon, millionaire and cheater. Or is he? 
Sophia has six weeks to find out.
She quickly discovers that Mason isn’t the only one keeping secrets and she becomes caught up in a tangled web of lust, lies and misplaced loyalties.
Lines are crossed. Rules are broken. The real Mason Hunter is about to be exposed.
The hunt is on.’
You know when you wait an eternity to read a book and then it finally lands in your hands and you have ‘THE BOOKWORM FEAR’? The fear that you have waited forever and built it up to be something amazing and then the panic sets in that it will be awful and you will feel let down? That fear…. that’s the fear I got when I finally got The Honey Trap in my desperate hands….
But of course that fear was SO unnecessary because The Honey Trap was of course nothing but brilliance!
Sophia works as a honey trapper, yes that’s right, she gets hired by desperate, fed up, paranoid, sad woman to casually bump into the victims…. sorry I mean the boyfriends/husbands of said women to then flirt etc to catch them in the act of cheating and then relay all information/recordings/photos back to the women to do with as they please. Sophia got into this line of work after walking in on her ex having sex with another woman, (we’ve all been there right?….. just me?….. oooookay!). Sophia is a natural at the job and the best Honey Trapper on her bosses books, which is exactly how she comes to find herself employed by Emily.
Emily is the wife of the staggeringly hot Mason Hunter, who owns more hotels than a monopoly board! Emily wants to catch Mason cheating and is willing to pay A LOT of money to do so, she takes an instant disliking to Sophia and Sophia her. But even so she is willing to see if Sophia can manage to tempt Mason into unholy matrimony.
Sophia is a professional and is strictly business….. that’s until Mason hunter comes along and turns her world upside down. He is NO sleazebag looking to sleep with the first girl to drop her knickers, he is a man utterly saddened by the fact his marriage is over and has been for a very long time, but because of Emily’s struggles to come to terms with the fact her marriage is over, he is playing happy families whilst she gets her head straight. Sophia is furious that Emily has lied to her and tried to make her trap a man who doesn’t deserve to be trapped but then she finds out exactly why Emily absolutely must have evidence of him cheating and it infuriates Sophia even more and she tries to back out, only she has signed a contract that there is no getting out of, and so, for the next five weeks she must continue to see Mason and try to stop herself falling harder for him, stop him from falling for her and somehow hide all this from Emily, but at the same time make it seem as though she is trying to trap him. It’s one hell of a mess.
No matter what happens more than one person is going to get hurt…
I really REALLY enjoyed this story, there is so much that is good about it. Firstly it’s the whole forbidden love that’s going on, of course Sophia shouldn’t be falling for Mason but she can’t stop the attraction between them, it’s inevitable and the adoration they have for each other is tangible. Mason takes Sophia’s hesitation to become more than friends as the fact he is still married to Emily and keeps telling her he will tell her it’s time to get a divorce and then tell the world his marriage is over, something that Emily simply cannot allow to happen right now. The danger that any moment Mason could find out was exciting and terrifying, I loved Mason and didn’t want to see him hurt but I also wanted him to know just what a bitch Emily was and finally be rid of her once and for all.
Quite possibly my most favourite thing is Buzz, and yes I am calling him a thing because he is no gentleman, I am not even sure he can be called a man…. he is such a filthy, over-confident twat but totally lovable and I LOVE HIM and his dirty mouth. I loved his journey through the book and think he needs a book of his own, he so doesn’t deserve to be a secondary character, he deserves to be the star.
The humor throughout the book was brilliant and I found myself laughing so hard in the gym whilst I tried to grab a few more pages on the running machine (I didn’t want to stop reading!). I really enjoyed references to some of my favourite books dotted throughout also.
There was only one bit that I did kind of groan at and this is my ONLY criticism of the whole book, the part where Mason had an auction at his hotel where the men could donate money to charity in order to take the girl they win on a date…. was a bit Fifty Shades for me. It’s been done. And also where is my GIRL POWER at?
The Honey Trap is incredibly witty and fast paced, a book that you won’t want to put down! I really enjoyed it and am now waiting impatiently for the next book from Karli…… IT SHOULD BE ABOUT BUZZ KARLI!!!
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Instagram – @karliperrinauthor
Twitter – @karli_perrin

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