2014 Book Reviews

Coming Home For Christmas by Julia Williams


‘These three friends are dreading Christmas…

Cat needs to get off the ‘has-been’ heap and rescue her flagging TV career but the demands of her extended family are reaching fever pitch and she barely has time to breathe. Meanwhile, Pippa has got too many balls to juggle as a struggling single mum trying to hang on to her family farm. And Marianne’s marriage is looking distinctly rocky now her beloved husband’s ex is back on the scene.

Happy Christmas? Forget it.

But Christmas is a time for miracles, and when the villagers learn they must fight for what they love, it becomes clear that there is festive magic in the air.

Suddenly for Cat, Pippa and Marianne, it’s looking like it might just be a Christmas to remember…’

Thank you so much to the lovelies at Avon for sending me this book. I was so excited to start the latest christmas book by Julia, there is nothing better than curling up to Julia’s book and Coming Home For Christmas is one of my favourite books of hers to date. It may even of knocked of A Merry Little Christmas from the top spot. Which features the same characters! This was SO SO SO SO EXCITING!!!! I ADORED being back in the world of what feels like old friends.

Coming Home For Christmas tells the story of three women: Cat, Pippa and Marianne. Cat is the woman who does everything and anything for her family, including looling after her grandaughter whilst her daughter Mel studies. She has put her own career on hold for her daughter. Pippa, a single mother of three now that Dan has left her after his accident a few years ago is also busy running her farm. Pippa is now with Richard but she and the kids are still missing Dan so much. Finally we have Marianne, married to Gabe, with their two kids and her stepson Steven. They are a happy family, but her dad has just had a heart attack.

On top of all their own busy and complicated family lives they then have to fight for their farms. Will any of them have a happy Christmas?

There is no greater feeling than catching up with characters who once stole your heart. That made this book that extra bit special for me. As soon as I settled down and turned the first page, I didn’t move again until 1 am when I had finished it.

One of the things I loved about it, was hearing the story in each of the ladies perspectives. It makes it impossible to put down and makes you feel as though you are a part of their world. I loved their friendship and it’s as strong as it ever.

Coming Home For Christmas is a about love, hope, friendship and sticking by one another when times get hard. A perfect Christmassy read to get you in the festive mood.

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