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Character Interview with Bronte (Paige Toon)

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‘Always the photographer, never the bride…’

Thirteen Weddings is about a wedding photographer, Bronte, who falls in love with a groom, Alex. But in the lead-up to Alex’s wedding, Bronte finds herself being drawn to a wedding singer called Lachie.

I am beyond excited to be a part of Paige’s blog tour today. I am a huge fan of Paige’s and when I was offered the chance to interview her character Bronte from Thirteen Weddings I jumped at the chance.

1. Hi Bronte, thank you so much for stopping by. First things first, being a friend of Lily’s means you must of at some point seen Ben without a shirt on. Is he as dreamy as I imagine?

Oi, you, hands off. He’s just had a child with Lily, for crying out loud. Gosh, what sort of a blogger are you? Hmm, okay, I realise this is slightly contradictory of me seeing as I’ve had feelings for someone who’s getting married to someone else. Whoops. So I’ll indulge you! Yes, Ben is absolutely gorgeous, but he really does only have eyes for Lily. Sorry!

2. Being a wedding photographer and attending lots of weddings, what is your favourite moment to capture?

Well, it was the moment when the groom first saw his bride for the first time, but I’m feeling a little bit sore about that at the moment, for reasons readers of Thirteen Weddings will be aware…

3. Now those of us who have read your story know why you are so against marriage yourself. BUT, that aside, come on, what would your perfect wedding be, if you decided to take that next step?

Hey, never say never. Maybe I’ll come around to the idea of it one of these days. I reckon I’d go for something really simple and romantic like a beach wedding. Barefoot, floaty white dress, long, tousled hair, an armful of daisies or something similar. That sort of thing. I’d just have to hope the weather holds up.

Now for some wedding gossip, what’s the most cringe worthy moment you have glimpsed at a wedding?

It was just before a wedding, but when this little brat from hell pulled a bride’s dress down and unleashed her boobs to everyone in the room, that was pretty cringeworthy, as was the same bride getting stuck inside a very small car, but she handled it amazingly well.

Throughout Thirteen Weddings you are torn between Alex and Lachie, how on earth did you stay sane? Even I struggled to choose a favourite between the two and it wasn’t my heart at stake!

Aw, I’m glad you understand. I know a lot of people have favourites – and well, I do too in the end – but I really did love both of them. As for staying sane, are you sure about that? I think I lost it for a little while there! In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t scare both of them off. Not some of my proudest moments, but I’m a lot more stable now, ha ha.

You are from Australia, what do you miss most when you are away from your homeland?

The vast, dry, grassy hills, the wide blue skies, the far-reaching views to the ocean, the cockatoos flying overhead, the muted greens of the eucalyptus trees… Sigh.

For any Australians out there thinking of heading to London, which three tips would you give them and which three places would you tell them to visit?

When you’re in London, you definitely have to act like a bit of a tourist and go see The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the like. One of my favourite restaurants is Wahaca in Covent Garden – I love Mexican food. Have a drink at an outside café in the plaza opposite St Paul’s Church. It’s a beautiful church, even if it does hold some really bad memories for me.
Definitely go on a day-trip or a weekend getaway to Cambridge. It’s one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been to – I’ve photographed a few weddings there. Take a punting tour and learn about the history and architecture of the colleges – we don’t have that sort of history in Australia so it’s really interesting.
Hop on a train and go to visit another castle – you just don’t get to see shit like that in Australia! Try Windsor Castle or Leeds Castle. Windsor is a really pretty town – lots of nice shops and cafés and it’s also on the River Thames, which is lovely.

Tell me five things you loved about Alex?

Well, for a start, he’s gorgeous. That got my attention in the first place.
I loved the way he listened to me.
I loved the way he held eye contact.
I loved his amazingly blue eyes! They get a number all to themselves.
And he’s just a very talented and creative guy. I respected him.

Now five things you loved about Lachie?

He’s so funny.
He’s so warm. Honestly, he was like a radiator!
His personality is infectious.
He’s talented too – it amazed me how well he could play the guitar and sing.
And come on, the hotness of his tanned, ripped body defied belief!

Now Bronte, the author who created you… Has she got any plans to tell us Bridget’s story? Come on, you must know a little gossip!

Ha ha, okay, well, she says that Bridget will surely be getting her own story one day, but she doesn’t know when. She has a lot of stories up her sleeves that are just dying to be written, and she can’t wait for you to read them!

You can read my review of Thirteen Weddings here.

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