2014 Book Reviews

Rush Too Far by Abbi Glines

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‘Get ready to fall hard for Rush…Fallen Too Far introduced us to Rush Finlay, the gorgeous charming son of a famous rock star, and Blaire Wynn, the girl from Alabama who rode into Rosemary Beach, Florida, in a pick-up truck with a gun under the seat looking for her estranged father.

United under one roof by the surprising marriage of their parents, Rush and Blaire couldn’t hate each other more. But it only took a summer to for everything to change…Fallen Too Far was Blaire’s story.

Now it’s time for Rush to share his side, and for readers to fall all over again!’

By now you will know of my love affair of this books and my obsession of Rush Finaly, possibly my ultimate fictional boy. Mainly because he is a complete screw up who continually let’s Blaire down. (I know I’m messed up!).

Rush too Far is the fourth book in the series but it’s not a new story, this is actually the same story as Fallen Too Far but in the words of Rush. Although it’s the same story we get glimpses of new parts of when Blaire and Rush are apart.

I didn’t think it would be possible to love Rush anymore, then I read this and now I’m done. This is the fictional guy for me. I adore him, I want him and I wish I could crawl in the book and make him mine. But I can’t so instead I will sleep cuddling this book and carrying it around with me anywhere I go, just to feel close to him.

Somehow Rush gets sweeter and more swoon worthy, knowing that he wasn’t being an arse for the sake of it and that he wasn’t letting Blaire down through choice just makes you fall that little harder for him.

There is no point me going into too much detail of this story as it’s the same story retold. If you haven’t read Fallen Too Far DO IT NOW. Allow Abbi to draw you in and make you fall in love, then let her blow your mind with Rush Too Far when you read how frigging adorable Rush really is.

Rush Too Far is sweeter, lovelier more swoon worthier and full of passion that will have you feeling all the “feels”. Without a doubt my most favourite book of the series so far.

You can get Rush Too Far in both paperback and on kindle.


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