2014 Book Reviews

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

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‘When Ryan Media Group opens a new office in New York, numbers whiz Sara Dillon happily accepts the position of Director of Finance. On her first weekend in her new town, Sara has wild – and very public – sex with a gorgeous stranger on a balcony overlooking Chloe Mills’ raucous engagement party. Sara assumes the tryst was a one-time thing, but when her mysterious lover sends her the steamy phone video he took of their encounter, she realizes he might have unearthed a side of her she’d never let herself explore.

Unfortunately, an affair with Max Stella, Wall Street’s newly-imported golden boy, could be very, very bad for her new career. Max has a legendary appetite for casual sex, but the kindred kink he finds in Sara is hard to brush off. Soon the formerly-irresistible investment banker finds himself pursuing a woman who seems to want very little to do with him outside of their playful and creative exhibitionism.

They have only three rules: keep it casual, keep it private, and no faces. That is until Max convinces Sara to come with him to a club that opens a new world for them, and their sex-only relationship grows decidedly more intimate.’

After reading Beautiful Bastard I couldn’t wait to get started on Beautiful Stranger, I was so excited to start. Christina Lauren is two authors who in my opinion have brought a freshness to New Adult/ Erotica. They bring fun and the laughter in their books, that I’m now craving. I now own every book and I will be eagerly awaiting any new book like a sugar addict awaiting their next fix.

This is the second book in the Beautiful Bastard series and it is all about Sara and Max. Sara is Chloe’s best friend and Max is old friends with Bennett. Which means that we get glimpses of Bennett and Chloe throughout the book. (THANK THE BOOK GODS!)

It’s ladies night, and Sara is out with her girlfriends when she happens to meet Max. Instantly they hit it off right and the next thing you know Sara is up against a wall being well and truly “seen too” (they are having sex!). They have known each other all of five seconds and getting are dirty, they have agreed to one time, no names, no strings and no regrets.

Only a few days later Max can’t get Sara out of his mind so when he accidentally catches her out with Bennett and Chloe he decides it’s time to call into his old friend and find out more about that girl who he can’t forget a out.

Sara has run away from an ex who couldn’t keep it in his pants and as a result has NO interest in getting into another relationship, so having the ultimate playboy Max at her disposal for risky public sex is like a dream come true. Only public sex is even risker for them due to max constantly being papped, as the ultimate bachelor everyone wants a piece of him.

With Sara refusing to open up and be seen in public with Max and Max slowly falling in love with Sara, will she ever give in and allow Max to break down the walls she has built up around her heart?

Yet again Christina Lauren has flipped their characters, we have a powerful woman and a powerful man and yet again we have the woman calling all the shots. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I am all for the woman being in control and having the men in a spin. It’s so wonderfully refreshing and makes for compelling and addictive reading.

I thought Sara was brilliantly interesting, she was hurt from a previous relationship and instead of swearing off men, she took Max on and used him to get her thrills through public sex. But as much as she tried to keep it casual every now and again you would glimpse her resolve weakening.

As for Max, he was pretty much whipped from the beginning. The poor guy kept trying to get her in his bed but she wasn’t having any of it. I loved watching the player become the love sick puppy desperate to get the girl who refuses to be caught.

It’s easy to get caught up in the storyline and forget that real life is going on around you. One thing I loved more than anything was the not knowing how it would pan out. Every time you thing Max is getting somewhere Sara knocks him back. It’s bloody brilliant.

The sex is off the Richter scale, Sara loves to be photographed or videoed whilst in the throws of passion and Max loves to photograph her or video her, only her only rule is no faces and he must delete them after. Add that to the fact they do it ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE and it will cause many hot flushes.

Beautiful Stranger is hot, sexy, fun and engrossing. Refreshing, witty and perfectly written to make the world stop around you.

You can get Beautiful Stranger on both kindle and in paperback.


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