2014 Book Reviews

Addicted by Nigel May

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Getting clean is a dirty business

The wine heiress, the faded entertainer, the operatic diva, the politician’s wife – four women who can’t say no….

Four women who should be happy with what life has given them. Success, beauty, money and fame. But never judge a book by its cover, because on the outside they may all seem to be completely in control of their lives, but under their fashionable facades, deep within their souls, they are all battling with a common demon…they are all addicted. Addicted to things that could ruin their very existence. In fact for one, it will snuff it out for good.

Four women…one death, one killer…’

Addicted teases us from the very beginning with a superb opening. A funeral is taking place and as the star studded mourners leave one person steps out and lays claim to being the murderer. Whoever this murderer is doesn’t feel guilt in the slightest, far from it.

We then go back to several months earlier… and so, rather like the title of the book, you become addicted.

In the book we have four main characters and they each had to battle their own demons and throughout the book my opinion of each changed. Those I loved I ended up hating and those I hated I ended up feeling rather sorry for.

You have rock chic Nancy, opera diva Portia, a South African wine heiress, Martha, then politician’s wife Lauren and lastly opera diva Portia. Each of them is outrageous in their own way and they seem to have the world at their feet. As they move through their perfect A-list lifestyles, they all become prey to addiction. Each of them discover just how precarious their lives can be, and one will pay the ultimate price.

Initially we see four unconnected women but as the story progresses we see their lives become so brilliantly entwined, which impacts on each other massively.

I enjoyed Nigel’s writing and found it very easy to get lost in the story and swept away. Nigel has perfected what a bonk buster should be and delivers.

Nigel writes brilliantly, he really sets the scene with superb descriptions but without going into so much detail that it gets boring. He writes characters that you just love to hate.

Addicted is sizzling, sleek, racy, fast paced and Addictive.

You can get Addicted on kindle. It’s a perfect read for lounging on the beach!

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