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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren


‘Chloe Mills is intelligent, hardworking, moments away from her MBA and starting a successful career. The only thing standing in her way is her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate and…completely gorgeous – a beautiful bastard. She’s determined to ignore him, do the best job she can, and move on to her bright future. Bennett has been trying to ignore his gorgeous, infuriating assistant for months. He’s never been one for a workplace dalliance, especially not with one of his employees. But Chloe is so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules – or smash them, if it means he can have her… all over the office.

What starts as just a hot hate hook-up becomes something much deeper, as both Chloe and Bennett must confront exactly what they’re willing to lose to find love with each other.’

Ok, before I begin I must warn you if you hate swearing, gushing, lusting of fictional characters or shouty caps, well you may wish to run along right now.

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For those of you who can handle a bookaholic losing her shit over a book, here goes…

Girls/woman for everyone one of us there is a fictional character that we are in love with, one we wish with all we have that was real or that we could crawl inside the book just to lay our hands on them, stroke them and maybe even have a cheeky pinch on their delectable bottoms. I thought I had found that man, many, many, MANY times. That was until I “met” Bennett Ryan

Bennett Ryan or Mr Ryan (which I happen to prefer) is a Bastard, but oh my he is one hell of a beautiful bastard and I truly believe that I am in love with him. I mean this man could melt the panties of every lady in a mile radius with just a look or sniff of him.

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Anyway, I’m getting distracted. Let’s talk about the actual story…

Beautiful Bastard is the story of Chloe and Bennet. He has lived in France for the past few years and is now back in the family company and making Chloe his secretary’s life absolute hell. Chloe is his fathers protégée if you will. She is incredibly smart and very well loved within the company and family alike, apart from Bennett’s open dislike towards her. But Chloe isn’t exactly keen on him either but sticks out her job because its an amazing opportunity with amazing prospects that she wouldn’t get else where.

The problem lies though when Chloe and Bennett come face to face, they sling insults at each other and fight like crazy, only every single time they row they end up having crazy, passionate sex. Against a window, on a table in the stairwell, all at work. Then as soon as it’s all over they are back to slinging insults at each other. The pair of them hate each other, really hate each other

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yet for some unknown reason they have this obsessive desire for one another, their rows turn each of them on and cause them to quite literally rip each other clothes off.

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This chemistry/hate they have for one another makes for the most addictive and compelling read that continuously keeps you on your toes throughout, because how the hell is this going to end? I mean they hate each other, but Jesus Christ the sex is HOT HOT HOT! No wonder they can’t keep there hands off one another.

The story is told from the perspective of both Bennett and Chloe, which was just bloody brilliant, there is nothing better than knowing what each of them was thinking as the book progressed. The banter between the two of the had me genuinely bent over double laughing.

Chloe is a delight as a character, she took absolutely no shit and stood up for herself. She was feisty, strong willed and utterly independent. Chloe doesn’t need a man to complete her life or pay for her things, she does that for herself. It makes such a great change to have a strong female lead in an erotica book, because let’s face it most of the time they are meek, weak and willing to do as they are told!

Bennett Ryan…. Oh Mr Ryan. He was everything I adore in my fictional men, he was arrogant, overly confident, egotistical a complete bastard but sexy like OH. MY. GOD.

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There is nothing sexier in the entire world than watching a bad boy meeting his match in a woman, meeting his match and becoming so utterly wrapped up in them they forget that anyone else actually exists.

This book is without a doubt a firm favourite of mine that I will read again and again. I LOVED IT, absolutely unequivocally LOVED AND ADORE IT.

Beautiful Bastard is sexy, irresistible, insanely captivating and brilliantly witty. If you can read this without your panties melting you get extra points!

Without a doubt Beautiful Bastard should come with the warning HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

You MUST get Beautiful Bastard and you can on both kindle and in paperback.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

  1. I agree with every word you say in your review. I’m happy to see the tide changing and us finally getting female leads that give as good as they get. I had reservations about Beautiful Bastard because it started off as Twilight Fanfic, but I don’t see any resemblence of the insperational characters in the book.

    Great review.

    If you are looking for similar books, i’d recommend The Call Series by Emma Hart (box set on 77p till end of July) or Tangled by Emma Chase. And how could i forget my absolute must read The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz?

    1. Thanks Gemma!

      It’s so refreshing isn’t it? Sometimes you get books that make it seem the girls are in charge but you soon realise they really aren’t. But with Christina Lauren they are continually the ones in charge. It’s bloody superb. Also I never knew it was fanfic! I would NEVER of guessed that, I cannot see any resemblance at all.

      Thanks for the recommendations also, it’s always good to try a book that way. It’s how I’ve found all my favourite books. X

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