#SexMeUpReadathon · 2014 Book Reviews

Naked by Raine Miller

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‘Brynne Bennett has left scandal in her past and is living the good life. An American grad student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s getting back on track with lots of hard work and focus on a career in art conservation. When successful and charismatic London businessman Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, he wants to possess more than just her image. He wants Brynne in his bed, serving him in every way possible. He has no trouble voicing his desires, and he isn’t taking “no” for an answer.

At first, his dominant nature captivates her, but it isn’t clear if the force of his powerful desire will ultimately awaken or dispel the demons Brynne is carrying inside. There are secrets on both sides of this relationship—huge ones. Can Ethan erase the scars of Brynne’s past so that she can reveal her true self to him? Or will the shadows cast by Ethan’s own mysterious former life destroy their chance at happiness’

Firstly a huge thanks to the gorgeous girls at The Hot Bed for sending me Naked, I really appreciate it.

I have literally JUST finished this book and I’ve screamed NOOOOOOOOO and held my head in my hands with despair at how it was left. There is no possible way I can move on from this book. I need the next like I need air, wow. I did NOT see that coming. AT ALL!

Naked has me all kinds of muddled up. I loved this book so bloody much, BUT i’m confused of my feelings for our leading man, Ethan… He has a goatee! I mean goatee’s aren’t sexy, are they? Am I missing out in this whole facial hair experience? For me personally that turned me off, BUT putting that aside I absolutely loved this book. In my head he had full on stubble.

Brynne is a model, she poses nude but tastefully so. It’s an Exhibit where her picture is hung that she meets Ethan. He buys her picture and pretty much commands her attention from the second she lays eyes on him, the attraction is instant.

From that moment on Ethan makes it his job to make Brynne his. He pretty much demanded that she let him give her a ride home, as much as she tries to get out of getting in a complete strangers car, she really has no choice. They become addicted to each other and pretty soon are falling deep for one another. But Byrnne has a very, VERY dark past which makes it incredibly hard to accept love from anyone. Ethan is determined to prove to her that he will love her no matter what, whilst battling his own demons and hiding secrets that will literally cause your head to EXPLODE.

Ethan, British ex-special forces and now head of an elite security firm. He was dark, possessive and completely controlling. With him things moved a hundred miles an hour, poor Brynne never stood a chance. At times he was so over bearing I was screaming at him, and Brynne for not being stronger to say hold up, but the truth is Byrnne was caught up in Ethan as much as he was in her. Only she held back because of demons that controlled her.

Byrnne was an American grad student studying in London supplementing her income with some tasteful nude modelling. I found her vulnerable yet strong without ever knowing her own strength. Her character was incredibly appealing and you desperately wanted to get to the bottom of why she was so guarded with her heart. Ethan made her feel so safe and so incredibly loved it was easy to see why she allowed everything to progress at the speed of light.

This is a really quick read that I couldn’t get enough of. There was a good storyline that didn’t need to be padded out with pointless sex. It was so full sexual tension and all the hidden secrets were tantalisingly hinted at but even so, you NEVER expect what happens.

I loved Ethan, I loved his over-protective and demanding manner. It was never for any other reason than he just loved her so much. He would go to the ends of the earth to protect her and make her happy. He was a proper Alpha Male something I love with guys in books, he ticked all my boxes, other than that goatee!

As soon as I turned the last page on this and got over my complete shock and horror at how it ended I ordered the next two books. There was no way I would be able to continue with normal life until I had them. (Those reviews will be up later this week!)

Naked is deeply dark and utterly compelling. Raine writes with the power to keep you captivated until the very end.

I absolutely cannot stop talking about this book to anyone and everyone!

You can get Naked on kindle and in paperback.


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