2014 Book Reviews

YOU by Caroline Kepnes

20140630-095929 AM.jpg

I Want you. I need you. I make you love me. You drive me insane. I’ll Love you as long as you live. I love you to death. You. You. You.’

I want to firstly say a huge thank you to Simon and Schuster for a copy of you, I really appreciate it. Now this book isn’t out until September and I only planned on reading a couple of pages, but that turned into a whole book…

WOW! What a novel. All I have heard about YOU, is huge hype and statements of how brilliant it was, so I couldn’t wait to get started and see if it would live up to the hype. It sure did, wow (again). Once I started YOU I wasnt aware of how much this book would obsess and take over me. I became throughly addicted and literally walked around with my nose firmly planted within its pages.

YOU is a book told from a stalkers perspective and starts with a chance encounter between a man and a woman. He works in a bookshop and she is a customer. That’s it, the obsession is instant. We then follow his obsession grow and watch how he follows her every move, he watches her at home whilst she eats, drinks, plays with herself and sleeps with other men. It seems that Beck, doesn’t have curtains or close her windows so it may be that she likes to out there and on show.

Joseph manages to get into her life and take her on dates,but it’s obvious that Beck is using him. After a night out Joseph manages to steal Beck’s phone from her, which allows him to get access to all her details and from there he reads every email she receives and sends from then on. She never mentions Joseph but talks lots about Benji her sort of boyfriend. Only Benji is using Beck for sex. Joseph thinks that the reason she doesn’t mention him is because she is so obsessed with him that she wants to keep him for herself and doesn’t wish to share him with her girlfriends.

Joseph decides that Benji isn’t worthy of Beck and tries to eliminate him from Beck’s life by kidnapping him and locking him in a cage in the basement of his books shop. Whilst he has him locked up, Joseph uses Benji’s phone to tweet out about how he fancies other woman etc in order to hurt Beck with hopes to then step into Benji’s place.

Joseph is absolutely certain that Beck is crazy for him and that she is madly obsessed, even her many faults he excuses and his behaviour slowly becomes more erratic.

YOU is a fascinating read that will consume you and creep you the hell out. Joseph’s behaviour is enthralling and keeps you on your toes throughout. This is certianly a book that will have you looking over your shoulder and sleeping with the lights on.

You is out in paperback on September 25th and you can pre-order it now! Or you can pre-order on kindle!


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