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The Killer Next Door by Alex Marwood

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‘No. 23 has a secret. In this gloomy, bedsit-riddled South London wreck, lorded over by a lecherous landlord, a horrifying collection quietly waits to be discovered. Yet all six residents have something to hide.

Collette is on the run from her ex-boss; Cher is an underage children’s home escapee; lonely Thomas tries to make friends with his neighbours; while a gorgeous Iranian asylum seeker and a ‘quiet man’ nobody sees try to keep themselves hidden. And there for them all is Vesta, a woman who knows everything that goes on in the house – or thought she did.

Then in the dead of night, a terrible accident pushes the six into an uneasy alliance. But one of them is a killer, expertly hiding their pastime, all the while closing in on their next victim…’

So, Alex Marwood. I discovered this lady last year with The Wicked Girls and she blew me away, I cannot praise that book enough. When The Killer Next Door was out I was tingling with anticipation and I can hand on heart say this book was SO much better than her first, which is saying something as that was bloody amazing.

TheKiller Next Door is based in a house which contains a number of flats, each occupied by people that have many reasons for why they are there. You have Cher, a young teen who gets by in life by lying and stealing. Collette, a woman on the run from her past, her boss wants her dead and won’t stop until he gets his wish. Vesta, she grew up in the house and sold it to the landlord on the agreement she could stay there with a low rent. Hossein, his come from another country where his outspoken nature would of ended up with him being killed. Thomas, he keeps himself to himself but is friendly enough, but the others find him boring with his interests in the Second World War. Then you have Gerard Bright, who never seems to stray from his room, never makes any conversation with anyone else. Wether he is in of not no-one really knows.

Then you have parts of the story that are about ‘The Lover’ you see this one, well he kills and mummifies woman. Yep, you heard that right. In this house of horrors he is killing woman and keeping their corpses for his own twisted pleasures.

Little do any of the other tenants know that Nikki, the young girl who had Collette’s room before her, is now one of his victims. They all presume she did a runner without saying goodbye.

That’s all I’m saying. I’m giving no more away. This is one YOU HAVE TO READ.

I literally couldn’t put it down. I was absolutely possessed by this book and the sickening characters that Alex creates. I just couldn’t get enough, The Killer Next Door is wickedly sinister and had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

You know when you are excited or nervous and you become agitated, you fidget and rock back and forth (just me? Ok) well that’s what this book to me, I couldn’t sit still. I squirmed and recoiled at The Lover and his grotesque “hobby”.

What I loved more than anything… I genuinely thought I had the measure of this book. I was quite cocky in thinking “oh I know how this is going to end”. I was SO wrong and I actually shouted “OH OH NO!!! NO NO NO” (I was in a waiting area in A&E at this point, so yeah thanks for that Alex!).

Alex writes to thrill and does so with perfect ease. There wasn’t one point I wasn’t in a state of nervousness and anticipation of what was coming. The Killer Next Door is ridiculously compelling and so gripping you will be kept up all night long in fear.

Alex Marwood is fast becoming one of my favourite authors!

The Killer Next Door is available in Paperback and kindle.

I cannot urge you enough to read this book.


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