#SexMeUpReadathon How To Get Involved!

Do you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed about reading erotic fiction? Do you want to talk about the sex you read in books with other people? Do you want to join a group of people and talk about erotic fiction and sex for a whole week?

Well now you CAN!

For one week in July we are going to dust off our erotic novels stashed away at the back of the bookcases, sit down and enjoy the exciting and pleasurable world of sex in books. Not only that, we want you to talk to each other about them too. Often we want to stand and shout, THIS BOOK HAS MADE ME HOT AND BOTHERED AND I MIGHT NEED TO CHANGE MY UNDERWEAR and we want to have no shame in saying that – why should we? Erotic fiction is designed to arouse you and make you excited and thrill you!


Does this sound like something you want to take part in?

If so head over here to sign up!

This is a no pressure readathon – it’s not about reading as many books as you can and trying to be the fastest reader – this is just about enjoying erotic fiction and being able to read it without judgement!

Once you’ve signed up we will email you with a list of books we recommend as well as the link to the Sex Me Up Readathon blog!

We hope you want to get involved – we are so excited about this and hope you are too!


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