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A Summer To Remember by Victoria Connelly

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Escape deep into the English countryside in this perfect summer’s day read. Fans of Alexandra Potter and Katie Fforde won’t be able to resist.

‘Nina Elliot is tired of her life. She’s not sure how it happened but, somewhere along the way, she lost track of where it was all going.

So one fateful day, she makes a brave decision: she’s going to leave it all behind. Taking a job deep in the English countryside, Nina does just that. Ensconced at the Old Mill, she settles into daily life with the Milton family, where she works as a researcher for author Dudley.

With endless summer days stretching out ahead of her, Nina couldn’t be happier. But her quiet life is soon interrupted when the handsome Milton boys return home – for they plan to make sure this really is a summer to remember…’

Relax and enjoy a breath of warm summer air with every turn of the page in the delightful new novel from Victoria Connelly – bestselling author of ‘Wish You Were Here’. Perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Alexandra Potter.

I would firstly like to thank Olivia for asking me to be a part of this blog tour. I am such a huge fan of Victoria’s, so was really excited to be asked to be a part of this one.

Nina, she is in a real crappy stage of life. She has just finished with her boyfriend after realising that he wasn’t making her happy and he was actually making her very bloody miserable. But she also works with the boss from hell, she is treated like a slave and spoken to appallingly.

This instantly has us, the reader, finding ourselves endeared to Nina, you want her to stand up for herself and stop her boss walking all over her.

Enter Janey, her best friend. Over their lunch break and a few glasses of wine, Janey encourages Nina to go back and pack it all in. Why work that hard for a job you hate so much. So when Nina heads back to the office she finally makes her mind up to give her boss a piece of her mind and leave once and for all.

After leaving her job and enjoying her few days of freedom being unemployed she bumps into Olivia Milton, a lady who she used to babysit for, in the supermarket. Olivia is delighted to hear that Nina is unemployed and asks her to pop over as she has a proposition for her.

Nina is so excited at the prospect of what Olivia could possibly what her for. She has such fond memories of her time with the Miltons and hopes that she could find herself needed by them again. When Nina discovers that they need her to move in and help out with their anniversary party preparations and to help out Mr Milton with the first draft and research of his first novel, it’s a offer she simply cannot refuse.

Only this time, the two boys she used to look after are fully grown and both have their eyes on Nina, something Nina find very strange as she help raise them. Nina finds herself trying to play matchmaker with the boys in order to get out of their line of sight.

With the job, came an insane dog that she had to walk. Poor Nina, Ziggy has no manners and if he can will make a break for it. Which is how she happens to meet handsome stranger Justin. He is walking his dog when Nina finds herself in a pickle thanks to Ziggy. Although sworn off men, Justin has something special about him that draws her in. But why does he keep running off so suddenly? And will Nina be able to resist the charms of this Milton boys?

This is such a perfect read for summer. It had everything you could possibly need. A lovely heroine, three rather dashing Hero’s, a rather scatty and warm hearted lady, Olivia and the rather scary but really a big teddy bear that was Mr Milton.

This wasn’t just a romantic book that sweeps you off your feet, this was an entire book based on a family that you wish you could be part of. Although slightly batty and eccentric they were all so heart warming and accepting of Nina and they were quite simply one of my most favourite fictional families ever.

I loved how Nina found herself in a love triangle with two boys who she was actually trying to put off. It made me laugh how Dominic and Alex were in competition with each other. Alex won it for me with his playboy persona and his naughty sense of humour though.

A truly sunny novel that will sweep you off your feet and leave you feeling warm and gooey. I absolutely loved A Summer To Remember and would happily read it all over again.

You can get your copy in paperback and on kindle.


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