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Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella

Book nerds REJOICE….. For Sophie Kinsella has brought BACK…. (Drum Roll please) Becky Bloomwood!!!

Now whenever Sophie brings out a new book, it results in me squealing and camping out at the shop waiting for it to open. I absolutely LOVE Sophie Kinsella, and her stories. So when I heard Becky was coming back I, to be honest… Lost my shit! I am so excited for this I’m already struggling to breathe.

Want to see the cover? Oh boy it’s a good one!

20140530-052130 PM.jpg

Here is all we know about what to expect so far…

‘Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) has stars in her eyes. She and her daughter, Minnie, have joined husband Luke in LA-city of herbal smoothies and multimillion-dollar yoga retreats and the lure of celebrity. Luke is there to help manage the career of famous actress Sage Seymour-and Becky is convinced she is destined to be Sage’s personal stylist, and go from there to every A-list celebrity in Hollywood! Red carpet here she comes!

But things become complicated when Becky joins the team of Sage’s arch rival without telling Luke. Will her ambition to make it in Hollywood cost too much?’

The hardcover has a release date of September 25th THIS YEAR! (This may change, I will be on top of this!).

I cannot wait to get back in touch with Becky, Suzie, Luke, Tarquin and of course Minnie!

I’m planning on re-reading the whole series before it comes out, if you haven’t read them, do it with me? If you have, join in too! September 1st is when I plan to re-read all six books.

Are you excited about the latest edition to the shopaholic series? What do you think of the cover? Let me know!

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