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Sex In Books

For some people the thought of erotic fiction makes them turn into Dot Cotton off Eastenders.

20140528-080636 AM.jpg Ooooh no! Sex in a book, it’s like watching porn… There’s no storyline… Only perverts would enjoy that.

Well you’re wrong and you’re possibly a book snob. Or, your first venture into erotic fiction was Fifty Shades Of Grey… If so, you can be forgiven for hating erotic fiction.

(I would like to state, although shocking use of the English language was used and Ana was well… Weak and pathetic. If you take away the bad writing the love story was actually a page turner. Also, the media made out he was beating and raping her, that was NOT the case. AT ALL. What he did was only ever for her pleasure. Anyway that’s for another post entirely).

For some reason we are made as a nation to be ashamed for enjoying sex, wether you read erotic books, watch porn or have lots of sex when not in a long term relationship, this is frowned upon.

But I am here to tell you that sex is books is freaking awesome (as well as sex in everyday life).

I’ve read A LOT of erotic fiction, in fact one of my friends ONLY reads erotic fiction. Yes there are some really bad ones out there, but there is also some really great ones too. Just like any genre.

Some books dive straight in the sex and don’t have much storyline, these ones I tend to put down. I’m not interested in erotic fiction if it doesn’t have a decent storyline, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’m also not a huge fan of any BDSM, for me I like my erotic fiction to be about two people in love. I’m not into massive orgies or sex parties, I read books like that and am often left feeling really uncomfortable. I don’t mind mild BDSM but nothing extreme.

I like when something has a strong storyline and is well written. Also erotic fiction can be FUNNY. No seriously, if you find a good author like Sarah Morgan she will have you laughing out loud and cooling yourself down in equal measure.

One thing about erotic fiction is the men. Yeah THE MEN, they are pretty much always, strong, dark, brooding, possessive and like control, something about fictional men that tick all those boxes makes me weak at the knees, and erotic fiction delivers every time. As for the women, I always rather enjoy the feisty, condfient and take-no-shit girls that you come across in erotic fiction. Sylvia Day provides many a kick-ass heroine for you to sink your teeth into.

Ok, so sometimes the words used to describe those parts can be a bit cringe, BUT saying vagina and penis would make any sex appeal be dropped instantly!

‘he thrusts his penis inside her vagina’

Isn’t sexy is it? So get over it, you are going to see the word pussy and cock a lot.

So stop being a prude, if you haven’t at least tried some erotic fiction don’t judge those that do like and love it. Reading is unique for each reader, all because it isn’t Shakespeare doesn’t make those who enjoy it less educated or a massive pervert and if it does, I’M A PERVERT AND PROUD’.

Now I’m going to leave you with a list of bloody brilliant erotic books, they have a superb storyline and hot sex scenes. Enjoy!

Stella Knightley… These books are slightly historical, but mainly set in the present. I cannot praise them enough. Best erotic books I’ve EVER read.

The Girl Behind The Mask
The Girl Behind The Fan
The Girl Behind The Curtain

Sylvia Day… Her Crossfire series are by far her best work in my opinion. Gideon Cross is an absolute dreamboat!

Bared To You
Reflected In You
Entwined In You

Elizabeth Moss… These two books are historical, but so easy to read and SO brilliant, don’t pass them by because they are historical. You will kick yourself.

Wolf Bride
Rebel Bride

Sarah Morgan… This particular book is two short stories about two sisters, utterly superb!

The Notting Hill Diaries

M. Leighton… Two words… Motorbike and tattoos!

Down To You
Up To Me
Everything For Us

There is also a NA genre now, which is New Adult. It’s stories with a little sex.(not as much sex as erotic).

Books you CANNOT afford to miss are:



Jamie McGuire… One person… TRAVIS MADDOX

Beautiful Disaster
Walking Disaster

Samantha Young this series is too good to miss and we always hear about older characters which I enjoy.

On Dublin Street
Down London Road
Before Jamaica Lane

Now I’ve given you at list of my favourites, and by now you should know I wouldn’t recommend crap!

Tell me do you like erotic fiction or is it not for you? I’m interested to know.

P.S. No-one could ever ride a floppy cock… EVER. It’s just not possible!


8 thoughts on “Sex In Books

  1. I’M A PERVERT AND PROUD TOO!!! 🙂 Loved the Crossfire series and I have to admit that I loved Fifty Shades too. Will definitely give some of your other suggestions a read as well 🙂

  2. I definitely prefer erotic fiction with humor – I mean, who says sex has to be all about heaving bosoms and throbbing manhoods? Give me some “real” people doing it and I’ll be happy! Also, I don’t like it if the sex is too perfect – I’m simply unwiling to suspend my disbelief when it comes to rarities like recurring simultaneous orgasms 😉

  3. Even in erotic fiction what passes as erotic varies. I’ve just read the first two of Pippa Croft’s Oxford Blue series, lots of sex but great characters and a fab setting but still quite gentle. I’ve also read some much harder core by a Joey Hill which is certainly not for the faint hearted … would probably kill Dot Cotton, but its well written, with heart, a plot and great characters.

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