2014 Book Reviews

Cold As Ice by Lee Weeks

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‘There’s a time to love, a time to hate, a time to heal …and a time to kill. On a freezing cold winter’s day, the body of a young woman is pulled from an icy canal in London. To D.I. Dan Carter it looks like a tragic accident rather than the work of a murderer. But D.C. Ebony Willis is not so sure. Why has the woman’s face been painted with garish make-up and wrapped in a plastic bag?

Meanwhile cosmetics saleswoman Tracy Collins receives a phonecall. It’s been twenty years since she gave up her daughter for adoption, so when Danielle gets in touch, she hesitantly begins to kindle a relationship with her and her grandson Jackson. But when Danielle suddenly disappears, Tracy is plunged into the middle of a living nightmare. With the discovery of another body, it becomes clear that Danielle is in grave danger.

There is no time to lose and Ebony Willis must take on the most challenging assignment of her career – to play the role of the killer’s next victim.’

Thank you to Jamie and Simon and Schuster for sending me Cold As Ice to review.

This was my first Lee Weeks book and I was excited to get started, so it was exciting to see Cold As Ice starting with a bang. A young woman’s body is pulled from the icy canal it and its soon becomes clear that this was not an ordinary murder. Her body has been wrapped in plastic and her face painted with make up. All too soon another girl goes missing and Ebony is racing against time to find her before she is killed.

As well as Ebony’s story we read about, Tracy Collins who twenty years ago gave up her daughter Danielle for adoption. They are trying rekindle their relationship when Danielle suddenly disappears leaving behind Jackson, her young and disabled son.

When a police officer working on the case questions Jackson on what happened the night his mummy disappeared, we as a reader slowly start to see things and suspects begin to form in our minds.

Cold As Ice is thrilling and utterly compelling, gritty, dark and with the fantastic surprise of never guessing the ending. I was genuinely surprised.

Weeks, builds up suspense and goes full throttle from beginning to end, absolutely not a novel to be missed. I really look forward to hearing more from this author.

You can get Cold As Ice in both Paperback and on Kindle.


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