2014 Book Reviews

The Boat by Clara Salaman

20140515-063936 PM.jpg

‘It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime…

Johnny and his new bride Clem have arrived in Turkey for a year’s honeymoon. Young, blissfully happy but poor, they are surviving on love, luck and a spirit of adventure.

So when a boat appears out of a raging storm, crewed by a bohemian couple who represent everything Johnny and Clem want to be, they do not think twice about stepping on board. But all is not as it seems. And when they finally open their eyes to the truth, the boat is in the middle of the vast open sea…

With echoes of The Beach, this is a hypnotic, emotionally charged novel about two sweet young lovers who lose their innocence in paradise.’

Thank you so much to Becky at Head Of Zeus for the copy of this book, I really appreciate it.

Johnny and Clem are newlyweds and on their honeymoon, they are drifting from place to place and finding work as they go with no plan in mind. They find themselves in trouble and have to flee, which is when they find refuge in the likes of Frank, Annie and their daughter.

They soon find themselves unable to leave the boat that they have hitched a ride on and they find themselves the victims of psychological manipulation. They become isolated from each other and can see no way of escaping.

Cleverly written to pull you in to the darkest places and make you feel you are living through what they are on the boat. The Boat is intense and dark, you read it with dreaded anticipation of what’s to come.

Clara’s writing style is perfect and brilliantly descriptive making you believe you are with them on their journey.

I really enjoyed The Boat and was thoroughly creeped out.

You can get The Boat in paperback and on kindle.


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