2014 Book Reviews

Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan

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‘One night with him was delicious… but two nights would be downright dangerous!

Firey French chef Elise Philippe is having a seriously bad day. Not only have the opening-day plans for her beloved cafe fallen apart, but Sean O’Neil is back in town and looking more delectable than ever.

Last summer, they shared an electrifying night and the memories have Elise really struggling to stick to her one-night only rule! Her head knows that eventually Sean will be leaving, but her heart wants more.

Can she stay away?’

Firstly can we just have just front cover appreciation please? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Cara at Mills and Boon for the copy of Sarah’s book, I am SUCH A FANGIRL of Sarah’s, I have every book and await new ones with excitement. Whenever I get my hands on Sarah’s book I read them in a state of desperation, always left slightly heartbroken that they are over too soon, because of my need to devour them in one go. This book in particular was very exciting as it was to feature one of the O’Neil brothers from Sleigh Bells In The Snow, (don’t fear these don’t have to be read in order) Sean and the Chef in residence Elise.

Elise and Sean spent one night together last summer, both aware it was just sex, nothing else. Neither of them have any interest in being in a relationship, Sean is career driven and never spends more than night with a lady, the same with Elise only she protects her heart too fiercely to let any man close.

Sean is called back to Snow Crystal, the family business, because his granddad has suffered a heart attack. Sean hates Snow Crystal and avoids it at all costs, but with his granddad unwell and his family worried sick he fights his demons and heads back to help, telling himself he will be leaving as soon as he can. Sean doesn’t get a warm welcome from his granddad who is mad at Sean for moving so far away and not visiting enough, he wants Sean to pack it all in and move back home. The rest of the family are relieved and pleased to see Sean is back, being a doctor he can put their minds at rest and explain what is happening. Sean wants to leave but Elise manages to use her powers of persuasion to make him stay, she is trying desperately to get Snow Crystal ready for the big opening and with Walter in hospital she is terrified that it will be a compete mess and her biggest fear is to let down any of the O’Neil family. She convinces Sean that he must stay and make things right with his granddad, life is too short to hold grudges, but it is a lot easier said than done. A lot has been said and so much time as passed. Before Sean really know what he is doing he is building and working hard to get everything perfect for Elise, the thought of seeing her so stressed really got to him.

The chemistry between Sean and Elise is electrifying, which Elise is trying to fight desperately. Elise is hiding from her past and will not allow herself to fall in love with anyone. She owes her life to the O’Neil family and would never do anything to put that in jeopardy. As for Sean he is VERY keen to ignite the flame and take her to bed once again, but that’s it. For Sean he doesn’t allow women to get in the way of his job, so sleeping with Elise again isn’t a big deal.

Not only do we get drawn into Elise and Sean’s story, we find ourselves drawn into the stories of those around them. Jackson and Kayla (main characters from Sleigh Bells In The Snow) make many appearances and it’s so lovely to find out how they are doing, as well as Alice, Elizabeth, Walter, Mabel and most importantly Tyler and Brenna. (who will be the stars of the next O’Neil book).


Elise was one of my favourite lead characters of Sarah’s. She was brilliantly fiery and short-tempered, but she loved fiercely and passionately. I rather adored just how much she loved the O’Neil family and how much they adored her. She was always quick to call Sean out on his crap and wouldn’t allow him to runaway from his problems with his grandad, yet she was hiding secerts from her past and wouldn’t let anyone in.

Sean, well I’m rather lost for words with this guy, I really rather love him. He was rather naughty and flirty AND he would not be seen with the same woman twice. Instantly that gets my interest, let’s be honest who doesn’t want to see a guy like that fall in love with a girl who can match him game for game? He was SO flirty it was impossible not to be charmed by him. (Yeah I know he isn’t real, but what can I say I like my guys fictional).

One of my favourite things about Suddenly Last Summer was the fact we got both Sean and Elise’s point of view, it went back and fourth with ease and you will never be confused.

But it’s not just these two that you will love, it’s the entire O’Neil clan. They are such an open and welcoming family oozing with charm and love for one another, you will crave to join them. Sarah makes not only her lead character loveable but her secondry characters lovable also.

Sarah writes books that leave you no choice about making you fall in love with them. Her writing is beautiful and atmospheric, you are transported into a world and made to forget that real life actually exists. With truly lovable characters and an engrossing storyline Sarah makes you fall in love with love.

Fun, flirty, sexy and charming. It’s hard not to fall in love with Suddenly Last Summer. A truly compelling story that will leave you feeling all warm inside.

Suddenly last Summer is out July 4th and available to pre-order now.


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