2014 Book Reviews

The Notting Hill Diaries by Sarah Morgan

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Living in rom-com central hasn’t always helped the Miller sister love lives… But all that could be about to change…

Hayley didn’t think being a bridesmaid at her ex’s wedding could get any worse – until her hideous yellow dress ripped in the middle of the ceremoy! Yet when sexy best man Nico comes to her rescue, the wedding of her nightmares could turn into the love story of her dreams…

Rosie takes pride of place in remaining composed when Hunter Black – her former lover – becomes her new boss. The one thing Rosie didn’t count on? The powerful chemistry they still share! Or sometimes a blast from the past can be just what you need!

I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Cara at Harlequin for a copy of Sarah’s book, I was giddy with excitement when I knew I was getting a copy and practically jumped the post man everyday whilst waiting for it to arrive.

I won’t go into too much detail about either short story because I don’t want to give away too much story.

We start with Hayley, instantly we are thrown in at the deep end, she is currently at her ex’s wedding as a bridesmaid, it splits in possibly the fuuniest most cringe worthy way. You can’t help but be mortified on her account, whilst sniggering away. She wanted to show everyone she was over her ex but it’s even more excruciating than she ever expected. Rather than rushing to her rescue, Rosie her sister is in complete hysterics, Hayley looks up and sees the best man Nico giving her daggers. He seems furious at what has happened, he makes his way towards her and covers her up with his jacket before whisking her away somewhere private.

Hayley has never spoken to Nico, not really, even though she has known of him through her ex. Hayley can’t help but feel as if Nico is angry at her, but even with his furious expression those rugged Italian features are making her weak at the knees. Before either knows what is happening they are making out. But thats fine, Hayley can handle this, her New Years resolution is to have emotionless sex only…

I LOVED Hayley, she was just what i like my heroines to be, strong, fiesty, determind and funny! Hayley had me howling with laughter, I also found her relationship with her sister really endearing and sweet.

As for Nico, well what was there not to love, he came across stand offish and moody, something that I really like because deep down we all know that there is this adorable, sweet guy just waiting for the right girl. As for being hot, well WOW, i had to cool myself down A LOT…

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Within Hayley’s story she often speaks of Rosies’s ex, Hunter, but she ins’t actually allowed to mention him let alone think his name so I DYING to start Rosie’s story and get to the bottom of what happened.

Rosie is on a date, but its disastrous she is about to be dumped. She is being dumped because she is a hard core bad ass who can look after herself and perfom a pretty awesome roundhouse kick. Her date wants a damsel in distress who bakes, not someone who could beat him up. It couldn’t get any worse… but it does on the table next to her is Hunter… Rosie was utterly horrified and so shocked she practically flew out of the resturant. Only by leaving alone, she finds herself in a bit of trouble with some drunken fools. Before she can even figure out how to escape Hunter is there to rescue her and oh boy, i’m a gonna at this point. But Rosie is furious, how dare he show up all these years later after walking away leaving her broken.

It soon transpires that Hunter has bought the Gym where Rosie works, he is now her boss. So there is no getting away from him. Hunter dosen’t quite realise how badly he hurt Rosie and is keen to get her back. Can Rosie forgive him? Or is it time to move on for good?

I thought Hayley was my favourite until I was properly introduced to Rosie, she was so cool and the way she handled herself was superb. It was so clear that she was still completely and utterly in love with Hunter after all this time, but she blamed herself for him leaving which made me sad for her. He should of loved her for her, she shouldn’t feel she should be different in order to be loved. He was her first love and I was desperate for them to get past the past.

As for Hunter, he was easily my most favourite. I know he walked out on her but he was so SO sweet and protective, I couldn’t help but fall for him, just for his little comment in the restaurant, that was all it took for me to be jelly legged. Let’s not overlook the fact he was an actual god…

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Sarah Morgan writes brilliantly funny stories that will get you very hot under the collar with all that man!

These two stories are hard to come away from once you pick them up and you will find it hard not to devour them in one go.

Full of intesne all comsuming Passion, The Notting Hill Diaries are Sexy, hot and wonderfully compelling. Sarah Morgan knows how to write sex with lovable, fiesty characters.

I would LOVE another book on Rosie and Hunter when they first met, I’m desperate to read their love story! (hint hint).

The Notting Hill Diaries is out June 6th and available to Pre-Order in paperback and on Kindle.


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