2014 Book Reviews

The Pleasures Of Winter by Evie Hunter

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The Pleasures of Winter is a steamy erotic story of romantic obsession and explosive sexual chemistry for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You.

‘When reporter Abbie Marshall needs to escape Honduras, a private jet carrying a Hollywood A-lister is her only way out. She has a ride home with Irish actor Jack Winter – notorious womanizer and all round bad boy. Abbie is shaken to the core by Winter’s blazing beauty and provocative mind.

After the plane’s nose-dive into the remote rainforest forces them to fight for survival, Abbie catches tantalizing glimpses of the complicated man behind the image. And the more she sees of him, the more he touches some primal part of her that she is determined to suppress. But after a devastating encounter with Winter’s shadow side, Abbie’s detachment is shattered.

On returning to normal life, Abbie cannot forget what happened, nor ignore the shocking rumours about the star’s private life. Her struggle to make sense of her torment leads straight back to Winter, who is just as obsessed by her. But if they are to have a relationship, Abbie knows she must embrace his hidden desires … and accept her own.

No longer caring about anything but their intoxicating love affair, Abbie is drawn deeper into the dark heart of Winter – and the secret that threatens to destroy everything …’

I bought this book a while back and couldn’t wait to get started.

This story follows Abbie, hot shot journalist, who finds herself on the run from some very nasty guys. Abbie is thrown onto a plane by her boss and told to interview the very hot and elusive leading man Jack Winter.

Soon the plane is crashing and Abbie, Jack and Jack’s entourage are left stranded in a jungle. The sexual tension between Jack and Abbie is sizzling and it’s very much a love/hate relationship, Abbie hates the effect Jack has on her and Jack hates that Abbie doesn’t do as she is told.

Abbie soon realises that Jack isn’t just a dumb actor, he can actually survive the nightmare they are currently living. After misbehaving Jack drags Abbie to a cave and spanks her, she is completely humiliated and turned on all at the same time.

Once they get back to real life Abbie finds it impossible to get jack out of her mind. He awakened sexual desires she never knew she had, but she cannot stand him and so decides to explore her desires by going online and being anonymous.

But with Jack constantly on her mind and the constant threat of the criminals from her story she is mixed up in, life isn’t easy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes it was completely unbelievable in many ways, like a plane crash in the middle of a jungle. And the fact that Abbie allowed a man she had just met to spank her and get away with it, then to find him attractive. For me that scene actually made me feel a little uncomfortable and a bit…. Well rape-y!

Other than that I actually really enjoyed the rest of the book, I liked how her and Jack’s relationship progressed throughout the book. How they couldn’t keep away from each other and how they tried so hard not to fall in love.

Jack was the perfect male lead, he was sexy, brooding, intimidating, hot, masculine… I could go on and on. I also rather loved how protective he was, there is something about a lead man being all alpha male that makes me go weak at the knees. One of the best things about Jack was the fact behind the media, he was a good guy really, just with a really kinky side!

Abbie, well I can’t lie at times she irritates me with her being dumb, she was a journalist and good at her job. She was rash and made stupid mistakes, had she been a bit smarter I think she would of been easier to like. But I still couldn’t help but like her.

As for the sex scenes, they were utterly steamy and you may need to open a window or two whilst reading!

Although at times very far-fetched, I really couldn’t help but love it. But that’s what fiction is, it’s made up.

Sexy, fun, dark and utterly compelling. Once I started I found it very hard to put down.

You can get The Pleasures Of Winter in Paperback and On Kindle.


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