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Blogger Get To Know Me Tag

The gorgeous Laura from She Loves To Read made this tag and I was Tagged by rather brilliant Megan from ReadingInTheSunshine.

So here goes…

Tell Us Five Random Things About You

I once broke my little finger trying to catch a ball… (You’re embarrassed for me aren’t you? I know!)

I broke my arm climbing over a safety gate.

I broke my wrist and toe falling out the front door.

I broke the joint that holds your arm to the collar bone playing leap frog.

I used to fancy my teacher, I was so in love with him!

When Is Your Birthday

The best time of the year… December! Although early December, so I don’t have people buying me one gift for both. Which is lame people…. Lame!

What Is Your Favourite Colour

Purple, it’s always been purple and this is pretty much how I would chose to decorate my house given the choice…


What Is Your Favourite Memory

That’s a tough question, I have so many. I think to say my wedding day or giving birth would be too obvious, because well those being my favourite memories go without saying.

So I’m going to be a total loser and say going to The Harry Potter Studios is one of my most favourite memories. I was with my fellow geeks, geeking out over my favourite thing in the entire world! I walked around in utter awe of what I saw there and I cried in amazement at the castle. It may seem silly or sad to others but I really don’t care.

Harry Potter gives me the most amount of joy and to be able to see how the films came together was incredible. At times it felt as if you were really walking around inside of the books.

It’s my favourite place on earth and I want to go again and again and again.

20140501-113735 AM.jpg

Describe A Day In Your Life

I have two kids, so my entire day is based around them. Getting them fed, dressed, ready for school, playing with them, cleaning, a bit of reading and my job, which is hairdressing.

Name Five Of Your Favourite Songs

Stop by The Spice Girls

Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf

Old Red Eyes Is Back by The Beautiful South

Dark End Of The Street by The Commitments

Little Sister by Elvis

This list changes constantly!

if You Could Only Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be

Chocolate. This guy is my role model…

20140501-110334 AM.jpg

What Is Something You Really Dislike

Liars, I cannot abide it!

Summer or Winter

Winter! I hate everything about summer, the bugs, the bees, the wasps, the sun, the fact as it gets hotter you HAVE to at some point get either your legs or arms out on show, the bees, the men get Pervy, the bees, the sun….

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be And Why

HOGWARTS!!!! There is no other place I would rather be….

20140501-110800 AM.jpg

Name Five Of Your Favourite Films

How To loose A Guy In Ten Days…

20140501-110936 AM.jpg

Crazy Stupid Love…

20140501-111222 AM.jpg

Dirty Dancing…

20140501-111508 AM.jpg

Die Hard…

20140501-111621 AM.jpg


20140501-111901 AM.jpg

If You Won The Lottery What Would You Buy

I would buy my family a house, my mum and dad, my brother and his family. Then take us all on a massive holiday to Disneyland Florida.

Then anything that was left after sorting the kids out for when they got older I would give to charities. I don’t want to be rich, I just want to be happy.

Favourite Day Of The Week

Friday’s, because we have a movie night with the kids!

What Three Things Would You Take To A Desert Island

My Harry Potter books (they so count as one!), Ryan Gosling and a decent bed!

Sweet Or Savoury

Sweet! Always.

Early Bird Or Night Owl

Early Bird, always have been and always will be.

Name Five Of Your Favourite Books

Well that’s just mean!

The entire Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

The Lady Of Hay by Barbara Erskine

One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin (which is t out yet but OH MY GOD)

Pictures Of Lily by Paige Toon

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella’s (although I should just say her entire collection)

Favourite Drink

Any kind of juice, I’m not keen on tea or coffee and I don’t drink fizzy drinks.

Favourite Animal

I’m not mad keen on animals, but I do love hippos!

Who Do You Tag Next



6 thoughts on “Blogger Get To Know Me Tag

  1. This is brilliant! I agree with all the Harry Potter stuff – I’m going to the studio tour again next week – super excited!! Oh and by the way that purple house is hideous!!

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