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Unwoven by Jack Croxall

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‘Almost eighteen months on from the terrible events of Halholham and so much has changed.

Karl and Esther no longer speak to one another and Mr Cauldwell has been ostracised by Shraye and its fickle residents. But the three of them will not be parted for much longer because a shadow is growing in the west, a shadow which will reunite them in the name of all they have lost.’

Unwoven is the sequel to the 2013 adventure novel, Tethers, and is the second book of The Tethers Trilogy.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Jack for sending me the long awaited Unwoven.

After reading Tethers there was a massive gap in my life, which I struggled to fill until FINALLY I got Unwoven in my hands. I was back in the world of Karl and Esther…


Unwoven picks up eighteen months after Tethers and Jack throws us straight into the story. Mr Cauldwell tells Karl some news which he rushes to tell Esther about, hoping he can also find out why she is refusing to talk to him. But before they can even exchange a hello, what should be a celebration in the local, turns into a very dramatic night indeed. Which leaves Karl, Esther and Mr Cauldwell back off on an dangerous adventure.

I loved Esther in Tethers she was a firm favourite, I loved her feistiness and loyalty. Which I think shines through in Unwoven, her sheer determination and heartbreak just poured out of the pages making you feel as if it was your own.
Karl was brilliant, I loved how he had matured and I loved seeing how his friendship with Mr Cauldwell had developed.

Jack creates a very real atmosphere and makes you forget that real life exists. You fall harder in love with Esther and Karl and find yourself desperately drinking in the words to get to the end. But then you will be sad you rushed to finish it, because then what do you do?

Unwoven is engrossing, fun, intense and exciting. Jack has woven together a compelling story, with characters that will stay in your hearts long after you turn the last page.

I know we are in for a third book and already I’m not sure if I can possibly wait. I NEED to find out what happens.

Unwoven is available as an ebook.


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