2014 Book Reviews

Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley

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‘All her life she has dreamed of a home of her own, so what’s holding her back?
Sophie Stone, thirty-something serial procrastinator, lover of Take That, Tesco knickers and tea with two sugars, rarely steps out of her comfort zone.
So when an unexpected inheritance from a great aunt she’s never met forces her to meet her father, it threatens the very foundations of Sophie’s world.
What did the old lady want her to discover? Was there more to her parents’ break up than she was lead to believe?
Sophie will have to face some startling home truths before she can finally build a future on her own terms.’

How did I get it: From Cathy
Publisher: Self Published
Formats available: Kindle and Paperback
Published On: 4th October 2013

About the book:
This was the story of Sophie Stone. Dumped on Valentine’s Day (by an absolute idiot of a man who didn’t deserve her) and finding herself questioning why he dumped her, maybe she was too fat? (I know!).

Sophie soon discovers that an aunt she never met, from her estranged father’s side, has left her an inheritance, only it comes with some rules. In order to get the cottage and lump sum of money she must meet her father, Terry, the man who walked out on her pregnant mother never to return again. Knowing how strongly her mother feels about Terry, Sophie can’t decide wether breaking her mums heart is worth finally getting on the property ladder and making more of her life. You see Sophie has spent her whole life holding back and giving up dreams for others.

Her two flatmates are giving her conflicting advice, and soon her ex-boyfriend is sniffing round at the first whiff of money.

Will Sophie finally come face to face with her dad and get the answers to her questions? With all her dreams just a step away will Sophie be able to resist?

What I thought:
When I read about this book it instantly grabbed me, I love these sort of books and I love going on a journey with a character. Only I found it fell a bit short of my expectations and if I’m honest I found I had to force myself to finish it.

Sophie never warmed to me as a character and I found her irritating me. I wanted to slap her for being so stupid, she had this absolute arse of an ex picking at her weight and blatantly only interested in her when she has a bit of money to her name. Yet she still acted desperate to have him as a boyfriend it infuriated me. She was so easily lead and so happy to make everyone else happy rather than herself which I didn’t like. I wanted her to do something for herself for a change and stop worrying about wether her choices made others happy, they should make her happy first!

The premise of the book is superb, but I think Sophie as a character was weak. Had she been less eager to please absolutely everyone and so obsessed sitting correctly to look thinner I think the book would of been amazing.

At times the humour was genius and genuinely made me snort with brilliant one liners. Sadly though the story just didn’t grab me like I wanted it too.

But you aren’t going to fall in love or like every book, so never let it put you off picking it up. You never know you may think I’m talking none sense!


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