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The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson by Paige Toon

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Meet Jessie, small-town girl turned wild child…

When her mum dies, Jessie thinks any hope of finding her real dad is gone. As she goes off the rails, her stepdad makes a shocking announcement: her father is legendary rock star and former hell-raiser Johnny Jefferson. Now the daughter of a superstar, Jessie is suddenly sucked into the LA lifestyle – paparazzi, parties and hot guitar-wielding boys included!

But Jessie’s still reeling from her mother’s death and the truth about Johnny. Can he live up to her expectations and help her move on? One thing’s for sure, Jessie’s tiny little world has just got a whole lot bigger…’

As soon as this was available to pre-order I was all over it. I’m a massive Paige Toon fan and having read Johnny Be Good and Baby Be mine, I was really excited to hear about hear about a YA (young adult) spin off series involving a secret love child of Johnny’s. Yes, I will admit a little part of me was crushed, if you have read the two books involving Johnny and meg you will also understand what they went through to be together. Could they survive yet MORE of Johhny’s past catching up with them?

So along with utter delight and excitement, I started this book with nerves for how this wild child would effect our Johnny and Meg’s relationship.

After loosing her mum, Jessie finds her whole world changing. She no longer hangs around with her best friend Libby and now has a newer bunch of friends, all older than her, all who drink and smoke. Much to her stepdads disappointment and sadness, who can’t seem to do anything right in Jessie’s eyes.

Fearing she will never know her real dad, she begs Stu, her stepdad to tell her anything he may know. One look was all it took for Jessie to realise that Stu had all the answers she needed.

After contacting Johnny and getting confirmation she really was Johnny’s daughter, she heads off to LA to meet Johnny and his family. Arriving at Johnny’s plush LA home it’s a bit of a culture shock, she has grown up in a small home in England and isn’t used to such luxuries.

Not only is Jessie in awe of her surroundings she is feeling incredible awkward about her situation. Jessie is meeting Johnny for the first time and he isn’t even around. So Meg has to try her best and make her feel welcome. I think it’s fair to say the same of Johnny when he arrives, the whole situation is something they need to figure out and get used too. Jessie feels that Meg isn’t happy having her around but Johnny does his best to reassure her that it isn’t true.

Whilst in LA and getting to know Johnny she finds herself being taken along to exclusive parties because of Johnny. It’s at one of these she meets bad boy Jack, he is in a band and his reputation isn’t good at all. But he causes her butterflies and gets her in a spin. Although Jack’s sister and her friends aren’t too warming towards her and she finds herself missing her real friends at home.

Will Jessie ever feel a part of Johnny and his family?

One of the things I loved about this was while in LA, it had Jessie thinking about Stu and had her appreciate him so much more. Stu took on the role of dad when she didn’t have one.

I also found her relationship with Jack really adorable, they never actually become boyfriend or girlfriend but their chemistry is engrossing and had me hoping that she is the girl to tame him.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this book, I LOVED having Johnny and Meg and seeing how they are getting on, it was exciting to read about how they would manage with Jessie.

I enjoyed it being told from Jessie’s point of view, because I feel it’s always the best possible way to get introduced to a character. Also with all the bravado she may put on for others, we as readers are the only ones who get to see her softer more vulnerable side. Which I think helps us to fall slightly in love with her, even if sometimes you want to knock a bit of sense into her.

I know this is to be a series of books and I cannot wait to see what is next, I’m annoyed that I read it so fast that I have to wait. I really must learn to savour Paige’s books more, but it’s impossible when she writes such compelling stories.

I think Paige has made the jump from her normal books to YA effortlessly and I imagine this will open up a whole new fan-base for her.

This was charming, exciting, compelling and touching. Jessie is a character that will stay with you.

You can get The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson in Paperback and Kindle.


3 thoughts on “The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson by Paige Toon

  1. i love johnny be good and baby me mine love meg then i start reading jessie i have a different perspective on meg but I liked her again but excellent bookcan’t wait for spring 2015

  2. Just finished reading Jessie, loved it, loved it, loved it, can’t wait for the next book. Paige your books just keep getting better.

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