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My Top Picks of 2013!

Hello friends,

Firstly I would like to thank all of you, for taking the time to read this or any one of my random ramblings/reviews over the past 8 months. I’ve had so much fun and I’ve met some of the nicest people, that I’m so pleased to be able to call my friends.

Now onto business…

Picking my favourite books of 2013 is pretty much on par as asking me my favourite chocolate. How can I possibly choose? No seriously, help!

Also there is the dilemma of reading books that weren’t necessarily published in 2013. So I have decided to add all books that I’ve enjoyed and read this year, wether published this year or not.

So here we go.

In at 10, April Showers by Karli Perrin.

20131229-074725 PM.jpg
My god I loved this book. I just loved the entire thing, I was left wanting to grab Karli and throttle her until she told me how it would continue. You see, she left it on an almighty cliff hanger. You can read my review here.

Number 9, Fractured by Dani Atkins.

20131229-075448 PM.jpg
This is such a stunning book, beautiful and captivating. It really is a book you must read. You can read my review here.

In at 8, One By One by Chris Carter.

20131229-080030 PM.jpg
What an incredible book, this absolutely terrified and repulsed me at the same time. It was bloody and gory and had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. You can read my review here.

Number 7, Waiting For Wednesday by Nicci French.

20131229-080458 PM.jpg
I am a huge fan of Nicci French, they are my auto buy books. I’ve been reading them for years. Having a series I can really sink my teeth into is so exciting and I’m in a constant state of desperation waiting for the next one. This was my favourite in the series so far and a real page turner. You can read my review here.

In at 6 is Wolf Bride by Elizabeth Moss.

20131230-085129 PM.jpg
There was nothing I didn’t like about this book. It grabbed me and MADE me read it, it refused to let me go and made me fall completely in love. I just adored it and I’m absolutely gagging to read the next. You can read my review here.

Number 5, Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella.

20131229-081404 PM.jpg
I’m a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Sophie Kinsella fan. So, like many others I waited with need for the next Sophie instalment and wasn’t disappointed in the least. With the comedy we are used to, I laughed out loud, and sighed at the romance of it all. It was perfect. (No review for this one as this was before the blog began).

At number 4, The Sentinel by Holly Martin.

20131229-082003 PM.jpg
Wow, this was one of the most incredible books I’ve ever read. I absolutely loved this book so much. It was impossible to put down. You can read my review here.

In at number 3, I’ve cheated and made it two book. The Memory Game and Runners both by Sharon Sant.

20131229-082338 PM.jpg

20131229-082423 PM.jpg
Both these books were just outstanding. The Memory Game was heart wrenchingly good and captivated me from page one. You can read my review here. As for Runners, this wasn’t my typical genre of book, but Sharon’s story telling is just magical and mesmerising and I’ve fallen in love with her and her books. You can read my review here.

In at number 2, is a trilogy of books. The Girl Behind The Mask by Stella Knightley has literally stolen my heart.

20131229-083127 PM.jpg

20131229-083235 PM.jpg

20131229-083247 PM.jpg
I honestly cannot get across how much I simply love these books. They are captivating, gripping, romantic, classy and addictive. I’ve been completely blown away by these books and highly recommend them, get them and allow yourself to be swept away by a modern day Beauty and the Beast. You can read my review here.

And my number 1 spot, possibly no real surprise to any of you is Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood.

20131229-083925 PM.jpg
I don’t think I’ve gushed so much in all my life about one book. I have spoken about Yours Truly none stop all year, since I first read it. I’ve read it 5/6 times this year alone and I simply adore it. It’s easily one of my most favourite books of all time. It makes me cry with laughter and had me falling head over heels in love, not only with the book but also the author……

20131229-084240 PM.jpg

So, that’s my Top 10 books of 2013. I recommend you all go out and buy every single one, go on, do it.

Thank you all for making my 2013 rock. I wish you all absolute love, happiness and the best of health for 2014.

With Love

Victoria xxxx

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