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Watching Over You by Mel Sherratt

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Following the death of her husband and unborn child, Charley Belington sells the family home and bravely starts life over again. On moving into a new flat, she is befriended by her landlady, Ella, who seems like the perfect friend and confidante.

But, unbeknownst to Charley, Ella is fighting her own dark and dirty demons as the fallout from a horrific childhood sends her spiraling down into madness ‒ and unspeakable obsessions.

As Ella’s mind splinters, her increasingly bizarre attentions make Charley uneasy. But with every step Charley tries to take to distance herself, Ella moves in a tightening lockstep with her, closer and closer and closer . . .

Firstly I would like to thank Mel for asking me to review Watching Over You.

Secondly, Gah! How can I possibly begin to express how much I absolutely bloody loved this? Yes I wanted to hide behind the sofa…. but god, this is a book you can really sink your teeth into, i felt terrified and excited at the same time.

The story follows two women, Charley and Ella.

Charley has lost her husband and unborn child within weeks of each other. Still living in the same house and plagued by grief she decides it’s time to move out and start fresh. The memories of Dan in that house are causing too much pain. Charley finds a new flat which is where she meets new landlady Ella, who will live above her.

Ella tries desperately to befriend Charley and eventually gets Charley sharing a bottle of wine or two over dinner. Ella even manages to get Charley to agree to a girls night out in town, something Charley isn’t keen on now she is sober. But Ella manages to get so upset by it Charley feels guilty and agrees.

In Ella’s mind She wants Charley to go out and have a one night stand, hoping this will upset her because its not Dan which will then pave the way for Ella to become a confidant, to be that someone to comfort Charley. What actually happens is Charley meets Aaron, a work colleague, and Charley is so drunk and he fancies her so much he won’t take advantage in the hope they could be so much more than one night.

This is where Charley first sees a different side of Ella, because Ella is furious that Aaron hasn’t used her like most of the men Ella sleeps with. It’s from this moment on Ella starts to unravel and get more deranged. The more Ella and Aaron see each other the more unstable Ella becomes.

Charley is left bewildered by Ella’s erratic behaviour and starts to feel slightly nervy of Ella’s mood swings.

The whole story builds and builds to an explosive ending that doesn’t disappoint in any way.

No matter what Ella did and how awful she behaved I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her. Orphaned as a child after loosing her parents and sister in a car crash, Ella was sent to a care home. What happened in that care home resulted in Ella’s behaviour as an adult. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for her but my heart just bled for her, all she wanted was a friend, someone to love and care for and someone to be there when things got bad, to have someone to talk to and confide in.

Charley also had my sympathy, after having her world turned upside down and loosing her husband and unborn child you just want her to find happiness. Aaron it would seem is her shot at happiness, but rather than getting that happy ending her world is about to get a whole lot worse.

Watching Over You is just sheer brilliance from start to finish. It’s one of those books that you have to finish in one sitting, it grabs you and refuses to let go.

Intense, exciting, terrifying, utterly gripping and will have your heart beating out of its chest.

If Mel isn’t the next big thing in this genre I will eat every book I own.

Incredible. Outstanding. Wow.

Watching Over You is out January 14th 2014 and without a doubt one absolutely must buy.

To pre-order the paperback click here

And for the kindle version click here


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