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The Lie Of You by Jane Lythell

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‘To the outside world, Kathy is the very picture of a happy and fulfilled modern woman. She has a beautiful baby boy, a clever, handsome husband and has just made Editor at her architecture magazine.

But not everyone is fooled. Her employee, Heja, has been watching her every move and has noticed the cracks in Kathy’s marriage, her self-doubt and fear if failure at work. Cool and silent, she starts to meddle in the background, setting Kathy up for slip-ups and even creeping into her house for a closer look.

Though Kathy lives unawares, Heja is perfectly placed to pick her perfect life. And she succeeds, she can claim back the one thing of Kathy’s she wants most.’

I would really like that thank Becci at Head Of Zeus for the review copy of The Lie Of You, I really appreciate it.

This book was spilt into two points of view, Kathy and Heja. Kathy has just returned to work after her maternity leave. Her pregnancy was unplanned after only being with Markus for 6months, but they are married and happy. Heja works for Kathy and is stalking Kathy.

Heja and Markus used to be a couple many years ago, but Markus left Heja and she is still very much in love with him and she is determined to get him back at whatever cost.

Heja is instantly dislikable but completely intriguing.

Kathy, oh I felt so sorry for her. Firstly I could sympathise how hard it is to first have to leave your baby, then she had her breasts leak milk, AT WORK. There is nothing more heartbreaking than experiencing that as a new mum. On top of all of this she has Heja making her life difficult by doing things to cause her to doubt herself. For example Heja steals her work so that Kathy panics before a big meeting.

Her relationship with Markus is also very strained at the moment. Markus has always been very private, but now when she needs a hug she is starting to feel isolated. Leaving her to question her marriage. She is desperate to get Markus away on a family holiday but he won’t because of work.

Kathy and Markus both have secrets that they are keeping from each other and Heja is just biding her time before she tries to tear them apart for good and keep Markus for herself.

Heja’s actions build up and build up to a very dramatic ending which really shocked me. I truly didn’t expect it to end the way it did. It was completely superb.

This draws you in and has you constantly trying to guess what Heja will do next.

This was such a brilliantly intense and compelling book. It was exciting and unputdownable. It was utterly worth staying up past midnight to finish!

This is available in Ebook form now, but is under the name I Will Have What is Mine. You can get that now, just click here.

The paperback will be titled The Lie Of You and will be available January 9th 2014. I will add the link as soon as it ready to pre-order.


2 thoughts on “The Lie Of You by Jane Lythell

  1. Thanks so much for the great review Victoria.
    You really got the conflict which Kathy feels about going back to work when her baby is only six months old. Something a lot of us can relate to perhaps.
    And I’m gad you found Heja so intriguing. I wanted to explore the idea of whether you can you have any sympathy for a woman who is trying to destroy another woman.
    I shall follow your blog with interest.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jane. I cannot wait to see what is next from you. The more I think about it since I have finished it the more I realise how much I loved it.

      I really hope it’s a huge success xx

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