2013 Book Reviews

Freaks by Lisa Forester

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I would like to thank Lisa for allowing me to be a part of her blog tour and for allowing to to review her debut book Freaks.

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‘Nobody’s perfect… or are they?

Abigail always knew that she was different, but what she didn’t know was just how different.

That was until her 16th birthday, when her parent’s revealed a devastating secret that confirmed her worst fears and changed her life forever.

Abigail is an Allelobrid: one of five children born as a result of their parents illegal science experiment in genetic engineering. The aim: to create a perfect human.

Yet perfection comes at a price.

Forced into a life on the run, Abigail finds love, danger and an organisation that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

When lives are at risk and freedom is threatened – could being perfect be enough to survive?’

This is all about a young girl, Abigail, who all her life has known she was “special”. Her parents encouraged her to constantly underachieve at school but allowed her to shine at home. Abigail soon discovers that she was in fact created by her parents in a lab, she was created to be the perfect child. She will never grow old, never get sick and excel in all aspects of life.

But she was created illegally along with other five children, after they were created each set of parents went into hiding never telling each other where they went. So if any one of them was found they wouldn’t be able to say where the others were.

Not long after finding out who she really is Abigail gets an email from someone unknown claiming to know all about her. He turns out to be an Allelobrid, the name of what they are, also. He, Max, reveals that one of the others, Bradley, has been captured and they must find the others and head to America and help him.

They find each of the other Allelobrid’s and all set off to America to find and rescue Bradley…

The idea of this book intrigued me instantly. I found it really easy to read and easy to get caught up in. It was interesting and fast paced, although sometimes too fast paced. Sometimes more detail could of been used.

I know it’s a YA book, but I felt the language was too simple at times. For example, when speaking about the men that where after the five kids, they were continually referred to as “bad men”.

This is a debut and I think the idea of the book has incredible potential.

You can grab your own copy of Freaks on kindle and paperback .


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