2013 Book Reviews

Christmas Yves by Nicola May

20131104-050314 PM.jpg

‘It’s two days before Christmas – and Evie Harris finds herself both manless and jobless. After a chance encounter with handsome Greg (and egged on by her toy-boy-eating friend, Bea) she agrees to work at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.

Striking up an unlikely friendship with homeless Yves, Evie begins an unwitting journey of spiritual awakening, all set against the sparkling winter backdrop of London landmarks.

A New Year’s Eve revelation is on its way . . . but will it leave Evie with a happy heart, or will she allow the pre-Christmas past to dictate her future?’

Firstly I’d like to thank Nicola for asking me review her Christmas Novella. I jumped at the change because I know from experience, I will laugh so much it will hurt. Yet again Nicola managed to make me laugh so much I snorted my drink out my nose (not attractive), it was a comment about The Shard that did it. I won’t tell you, you will have to read it and see.

This novella is all about Evie, after finding out her boyfriend has been cheating on her and is leaving her for someone else, she heads out with her hilariously filthy friend Bea. In the pub she is moaning about how badly her life has turned out and is asked by a rather gorgeous man, Greg, if she would help out at the homeless shelter. Bea completely stitches her up and Evie has no choice but to agree.

It’s quite obvious that Evie and Greg, have a connection. But it would seem that Greg may not be single, unfortunately for Evie.

It’s at the homeless shelter she meets Yves, a homeless man with a beautiful soul. She puts her trust in him and he shows her things, and teaches her things that cause her to look at life differently.

This was a absolutely fantastic novella, that had me roaring with laughter. BUT it was also very heartfelt and romantic that had me gushing and feeling all Christmassy.

Without a doubt this is one Novella you do NOT want to miss!

Here is the link for your copy:



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