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Another Alice by Alice Peterson

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‘Love, lust, boys and coursework – the main worries of a teenage girl? Not for eighteen-year-old Alice Peterson, who, at the height of her youth and an extremely promising tennis career, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

In the midst of shock and denial, and the enduring question, ‘Isn’t it old people who get arthritis?’, Alice had to learn to live with what quickly turned from the odd ache and pain to a very aggressive form of the illness, and rediscover a new path in life.

“Another Alice” is at times utterly heart-breaking, and at others laugh-out-loud. Here is her story of how, armed with humour and courage, she left behind a world she loved to overcome the pain of a degenerative Disease.

Told with wit, charm and frankness, “Another Alice” is also a story of friendship, family, growing up and the desire to be normal. But, above all, it celebrates the power of the human spirit. Less’

Firstly I would like to thank Alice for sending me her story and giving me the opportunity to read and review it.

This is Alice’s story, it’s her autobiography and it’s incredibly honest and wonderfully breathtaking.

Alice was a bright, up and coming tennis player. She worked really hard to get where she wanted to be and had dreams of going to America to full-fill her ultimate goal in the hope of one day getting to Wimbledon.

But sadly her dreams are shattered when she is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It leaves her unable to do the most simplest of tasks and leaves her in the most crippling pain. It puts strains on her friendships and she goes through some really dark times.

With the help of her incredible family and supportive friends, Alice makes it through some immensely tough times. And after a ridiculous amount of drugs and a few operations, the doctors finally find her “magic drug” that helps her live so much more comfortable and allows her to live independently.

This is such a wonderful story, which sounds wrong to say but it’s so inspiring. Even when Alice was in crippling pain she worked so hard through her A-levels and Uni work/exams, refusing to allow her situation to stop her doing well.

I found Alice’s story so engrossing and impossible to put down. At times it was heartbreaking but Alice is a fighter and I’m in awe of her.

Here is the link for Alice’s story:



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