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Fractured by Dani Atkins

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‘The night the car came through the window changed everything. Rachel was just 18, about to start university, with great friends, a loving boyfriend, and a bright future ahead.

Five years later, Rachel’s life is crumbling. She lives alone, working in a dead-end job, sick with grief over her best friends death from that fatal night.

The night the car came crashing through the window was a lucky escape

Five years later Rachel’s life is perfect. She has a wonderful fiancĂ©, the career she always dreamed of and her best friend Jimmy by her side.

But why can’t she shake the memory of a different life?’

Firstly I would like to thank Becci at Head of Zeus for sending me Fractured to review, I really appreciate it.

Well, what do I say? What a brilliantly woven tale that will have you on the edge in your seat in anticipation.

So the story first starts 2008, when Rachel is 18. About to embark into the world of university, leaving behind her dad, friends and boyfriend, Rachel and her friends are having a farewell dinner. Rachel’s boyfriend Matt is there and her best friend Jimmy who asks wether they can meet tomorrow alone, he has something to tell her. Not long after after sitting down a horrific accident occurs and leaves Rachel’s world torn apart, Jimmy is dead after saving her life.

Five years later in 2013, Rachel has cut herself off from everyone she has ever loved, she has given up on the career she dreamt of as a teen. She is single and living alone in a tiny flat and still morning the loss of Jimmy.
She finds herself going back to her hometown for her best friend Sarah’s wedding. Here she comes face to face with Matt again for the first time in years and the other friends that were there the day of the crash.
Rachel ends up visiting Jimmy’s grave and collapses with an agonising headache…

When Rachel wakes up she is in hospital with her dad by her side. Rachel seems to be absolutely fine. Only she has woken up to discover her dad is no longer unwell, she is engaged to Matt and Jimmy is alive. Rachel is so confused, she has woken up to a life she doesn’t remember. The doctors have put it down to amnesia but Rachel is positive that this isn’t her real life.

Rachel isn’t sure what is going on, her and Matt are no longer an item yet in this new life she is to marry him. Jimmy is alive and she has her best friend back, but no believes her. Jimmy and Matt clearly hate each other and Jimmy is without a doubt crazy in love with her. The life she used to have is so clear in her mind and she recalls things that nobody has an answer for.

I am leaving it there because this is a book you HAVE to read to make sense of. It’s so incredibly compelling and truly beautiful. It’s a love story that will stay with you forever.

I LOVED how Jimmy so clearly adored Rachel it was heart achingly sweet, and made me melt. (Serious crush on Jimmy right now!)

I loved reading Rachel’s story and I loved how we are kept in the dark as a reader, I raced through the pages desperate to make sense of what was happening, just like Rachel.

I loved the traces of humour within the book and I enjoyed the spark between Rachel and Jimmy, you are constantly rooting for them. It was just so brilliant. Without a doubt I could read this again and again.

Beautiful, sweet, captivating, compelling and gripping until the very end.

ADORED IT! You MUST read this.

Fractured is available from November 7th, here is the link to pre-order it:



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