Guest Reviews

L’Amour Actually by Melanie Jones

For this review my lovely friend Kelly has read and shared her thoughts for me.

Thank you to Melanie for the copy of L’Amour Actually.

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‘After one particularly bad day at work, marketing executive and confirmed city girl Melanie Jones decides to give up her old life in search of something new and simpler in South West France. With little knowledge of the country, even less of the language and just the memory of a disastrous school French exchange and a few day trips to Calais, she embarks on her adventure with a suitcase full of optimism and not a little bit of naivety. After all, how different can life in France be? After a series of adventures with skirt-ripping tractors, handsome twin farmers, celebrity not-quite-beens, unusual toilets and a bonkers ex-pat community, all topped up, of course, with lashings of rosé, Melanie begins to discover that her new life in France isn’t quite what she’d thought it would be’

L’amour actually is a fantastically written book, which I found myself easily lost within the pages. The book starts with Mel feeling unhappy with life on her birthday and deciding she has had enough and wants to move to rural France for a quiet life. Soon Mel arrives, but life in rural France isn’t at all what she had pictured when flicking through country living magazines. She soon discovers that high heels and fashionable clothing are no use to her here. After a rough few weeks and a number of highly amusing incidents, involving fist fights with her soon to be celebrity BFF, rude neighbours and close encounters with ditches, Melanie falls in love with rural France and Julien – a local farmer. But when love finally seems to be in the air and life pretty much perfect, Melanie discovers that Julien has been keeping a secret. A fiancé! Now I don’t want to spoil the end of the book, but I loved that when things had seemed terrible and Melanie considers moving back to London she finally gets a break and finally gets to live her dream.

I have one small criticism about this book, which annoyed me throughout. I would be half way through a paragraph when all of a sudden the story would jump forward to another time or place with no break in the text to show me this was happening. I found this incredibly confusing as well as annoying and would often have to reread those few lines to figure out what exactly had just happened. But overall it was a very enjoyable read; it was witty and at times had me laughing out loud. A real chick lit read that should be on your TBR pile.

The link for the book is here:

Thank you Kelly for taking the time to read and review for me.


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