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Question Time with Aven Ellis

Hey bookworms!

I have a huge treat for you today, the VERY, very lovely Aven agreed to answer some of my questions, all about her debut book Connectivity, which is out October 16th.

I was super lucky to receive a copy to read and review which you can find here:

Here is my interview with the lady herself:

1. Connectivity is your debut book, where did MK’s story come from?

I have always found I get along really well with women in their 20’s and I understand what they are dealing with—both in trying to establish a career and find meaningful relationships. I thought it would be an interesting dynamic to explore, and now it is the core of all my books. In MK’s case, I thought of her as being so career driven, so uninterested in love—what would happen if love found her at what she thought was the least inappropriate time of her life? Would she shove it aside because her career was everything? Or would she find a way to let it in? And that is where MK’s story began.

2. When reading MK’s story I instantly recognised you within her, did you do this on purpose?

Well, it is always good to write what you know, so the parts of MK working in television, being interested in cooking , fashion, decorating—all me. But the rest of MK is my creation of MK.

3. How much did you edit out of MK’s story?

Believe it or not, NOTHING. This was the story I wanted to write, and this is the story my publisher purchased. So you are reading MK ‘s story exactly as I wrote it, with a few paragraphs revised here and there.

4. Was William based on anyone you know?

No. William is all William. J

5. William absolutely spoilt MK, what’s the nicest thing a boyfriend has bought you?

Hmmm. I have to say what I prefer is that my husband always yells whenever Benedict Cumberbatch or Henry Cavill is on TV because he knows I love them. And if he sees a magazine with one of them on it he immediately buys it for me. Now that is a present that keeps on giving, yes?

6. William was a proper gentleman, was you at any point tempted to make him a little bad, or even naked/topless in every scene?

LOL LOL LOL I’m ignoring your naked/topless question and going straight to the part about making William a little bad. NO! You know what is funny? I don’t write bad boys. I will never write bad boys because I am a champion for the GOOD BOYS, who seemed to be overlooked as boring. I think William proves a good man is a damn sexy man, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Who would you choose to play William and MK in the movie?

I’m not saying. I want the readers to see William as they please. I will say readers have seen him as Benedict Cumberbatch, Henry Cavill, David Gandy and Robert Pattinson, though. For MK, I could see Emma Stone, Zena Grey, Deborah Ann Woll, or Rose Leslie.

8. How long did Connectivity take to write?

I started writing it on July 15, 2012. I wrote the epilogue November 15. I write about two books a year.

9. My favourite part of the book was Valentines Day, what was yours?

That is one of my favorite scenes in the whole book, too. It was the turning point for both of them. I also love the London Eye scene.

10. MK is also quite the chef, can you cook as well as she can or are you awful like William’s sister in Law? I’m not as creative as MK—but I can follow a recipe perfectly and cook very well like that. I have a few original recipes of my own in my planner, though. But I love cooking—it is a passion of mine.

20131014-040459 PM.jpg

To get in touch with Aven here are all the necessary links:

Thank you so much Aven for taking the time to answer my questions.

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