Connectivity Give-Away!

Hello friends,

I have a VERY exciting Giveaway for you all today! One person can win a copy of Aven Ellis’s Ebook Connectivity,

20131014-050657 PM.jpg

Which I reviewed here:

But not only can you win a copy of Aven’s brilliant book, up for grabs is a £20 ASOS electronic gift card also.

(I can hear the squeals of delight!)

So now you want to know how to win?

Well that’s the easy part, all I want you to do is tweet/Facebook or comment telling me what your perfect first date would be. That’s it!

All names will be put into a bowl and randomly picked out. The winner will be announced on October 28th at 12pm. That’s two whole weeks to enter.



10 thoughts on “Connectivity Give-Away!

  1. My perfect first date would be to a football game, few drinks and a sing song and made some chips after. I’m a simple girl with simple tastes.

  2. I would say that my perfect first date would have to be going to a cute and quirky cafe getting to know each other over a milkshake. Then strolling around hand in hand until it got dark. Simple, no high expectations, and not expensive. Just intimate, two people getting to know each other. 🙂

  3. My perfect first date would be something low key, dressed down, walk on the beach, maybe it’s really breezy so we have to huddle together 🙂 Just talking, maybe hot chocolate and hand holding. Sigh

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