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Question Time With Author Holly Martin

Hello book geeks!

Today I’m really excited to share with you an interview I did with Holly Martin. I recently read and reviewed her debut book The Sentinel here:

I absolutely loved Holly’s book and I really cannot express how much this you should all be reading it. It’s out October 16th.

1. Important things first, out of all the powers Eve has which is the one you would choose for yourself? I think I would go for the pulling and sliding myself, that way I could pull Mr Stone and the kids to me whenever I fancied or I could slide to Charlie when I imagine he is up to no good at school (lunchtimes), or I would like to be able to heal people so the kids never got colds etc.

Sliding anywhere at will would be awesome, I could go to Canada, New Zealand, Alaska, Orlando Bloom’s bedroom, Chris Hemsworth’s shower. Shape shifting would also be pretty cool, though Eve can’t do that… yet.

2. What did you edit out of The Sentinel?

Tonnes, like thousands and thousands of words. I’ve been writing it for four years and The Sentinel that my friends read four years ago is very different to what it looks like now. Some of my favourite bits were diary entries from when Eve was little about things that she noticed that were a bit different but they were told through the very naïve eyes of a small child. I still have them, I may post them on my blog at some point.

3. Where did the idea of The Sentinel come from?

I used to be a teacher and I noticed the books children were reading, Alex Rider, Young James Bond, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter all had strong male leads. Girls were reading these books too and it struck me that there were no or not many books with strong female leads so I decided to write one. A small part of the inspiration came from The Truman Show, the fact that Truman had this whole world created around him, the weather, the cars driving down the street, the people he met, his friends, his family, were all just actors in this live soap/documentary and he was the only person not to know. I loved that idea and it sat with me for many years after I’d watched the film and that’s partly where the idea of the Guardians came from.

4. How did you go about doing research for the book?

Most of it is just imagination, in the world of Fantasy there are no limits. Any power, any ability is possible in the realms of imagination. However I did speak to a science teacher a lot about how Eve was made. She agreed with me about how the shape shifting gene was an integral part of Eve being made up of all these ingredients that would normally be incompatible. The genetics side was talked through a lot with her, she was brilliant because although what I was talking about was beyond the realms of reality she was able to explain to me what was possible within the context and what wasn’t.

5. How long did The Sentinel take to write?

Four years, well the initial draft took about five months and then it changed and changed and changed again.

6. One of my most favourite bits was “the glowing” (I won’t say any more!) which was your favourite bit?

I love the glowing too. I love the big surprises… the bits that make you go WHAT?? I love Quinn, Seth, Eli and Lucas. I think one of my favourite scenes is the cat.

7. My favourite character is Seth (dreamy sigh) and I really liked Eli too. Do you have a favourite?

It’s so hard but I think Seth is my favourite because he loves Eve so much, that deep, raw, all consuming kind of love.

8. Describe your book in 3 words?

Twists, turns and #coolsuperpowers (that’s technically one word as there’s a hashtag)

9. Who would play Eve and Seth in the movie?

Since I’ve seen The Host by Stephanie Meyer, (great book, terrible film) the only person I see in my head when I think of Eve is Saoirse Ronan, who plays Melanie in the film. I’m not sure who was in my head before I saw that film, but it’s definitely Saoirse now. Seth is tricky because I love him so much, but I think when I was writing the book the man I pictured was Taylor Lautner, Jacob from Twilight. Kellan Lutz (Emmet from Twilight) would also be good because he seems like a big bloke. Whoever it is needs to be huge. Eli and Lucas would be played by Chris and Liam Hemsworth, again for their size, they are super strength beings after all.

10. You give us a sneak peak of the next book at the end of The Sentinel, do you know when it will be finished? (I can’t wait, I NEED IT NOW!)

Book 2, 3 and half of book 4 are already written but they need a lot of tweaking and nurturing. I’ve already written the very last scene in book 4 and I doubt that will change but how we get there might. I’m hoping to have book 2 ready by end of January. Would you like a exclusive? Of course you would. Two of the characters we met in book one die in book two, one of them is a member of Eve’s personal guard.

Author Bio.
Holly’s romance stories The Chainsaw Masquerade and Changing Casanova were both shortlisted for the New Talent award at the Festival of Romance last year. Her short story, One Hundred Proposals won the Belinda Jones Travel Club short story competition and was published in the Sunlounger anthology. She will be writing for Sunlounger 2 next year. The Sentinel is her debut and will be out on October 16th. Her Chicklit The Guestbook will be out in January.

The Sentinel blog is here

Her blog is here

Thank you so much Holly for taking the time to answer my questions.


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