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I’d like to thank Julie for sending me her book and Elizabeth for reviewing for me, she practically bit my hand off when I sent her an email about it. So here it is.

‘After the darkest of storms, there will always be light.
“Storm chasing is a tempestuous business, as Sam Di Matteo is about to find out. Her new boss, the acerbic and obnoxious Jonah, certainly doesn’t make it easy for her. Spending their days tracking storms across the plains, Sam soon discovers there’s a lot more to Jonah then meets the eye. As they both try to escape their harrowing pasts, can they find their way out of the dark?”

20131009-053947 AM.jpg

The book follows the story of Sam Di Matteo, a widow who has left her job as a meteorological reporter and retreated into her shell after the death of her beloved husband and colleague, Bobby. Omaha-based Sam is trapped in a life of decline plagued by nightmares and anxiety, until in a rare moment of clarity she answers an advert for an assistant storm chaser. She is introduced to the smitten impish Paul O’Malley and his distinctly abrupt boss Jonah. As the trio work together on the road they begin to bond and open up about about each others past. The story develops with more twists and turns than a tornado as the storm chasers begin to question what they are really running from and where they are heading to.

Extremely fast-paced, the plot races along in this book, and after the first few chapters I felt all the loose ends had been tied up. I was concerned with how the story would evolve to the end of the book, but I needn’t have worried. By chapter four I was in tears as the tale turns off the road to tell a touching and intimate story about two wounded hearts helping each other mend. Both suffering from a history of cruel coincidences and tragic loss, can they triumph and still feel love against all odds? Your opinion of each character will alter throughout the story, with plenty of misdirection and twists to confuse you on your reading journey, a real ‘will they, wont they’ story up until the last few pages.. do they get the ending they all deserve?

This is a strong, enjoyable debut novel from Julie Mccoy. Her passion for and fascination with extreme weather resonates in the in-depth descriptions of the storms and weather conditions used in the book, whilst the evolving romantic story shows real promise as a fiction writer. I look forward to following her progression and development as an author.

Elizabeth Mullenger

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Thank you Elizabeth for your review x


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