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TV boyfriends

So Sharon Sant did a post on five TV Boyfriends, my man radar picked up and begged to join in. Sharon said lets play tag, so once I have shared my list I will tag some people who will then tag others. Etc etc.

Here is Sharon’s picks; http://sharonsant.com/2013/09/16/five-tv-boyfriends/

And now onto mine. I won’t lie it’s ALWAYS such a chore to have to search for hot men on the Internet and its something I have required quite a skill in (if you want a picture of Brad Pitts willy I’m your girl!).

One of my biggest crushes ever is someone I haven’t really expressed to much interest in before, so you may be very shocked to know I’m completely in love with Ryan Gosling! What? Not on TV I beg to differ he was on Disney for a while and if I put a DVD on he is often on my telly. (I win!)

Please let me share with you some pictures…..

20130920-115038 AM.jpg

He was created by angels….. Sigh…. *wipes drool*

So now I won’t cheat again and I shall choose actual TV stars!

So my next crush is James Corden and oh god do I love him. I think his beautiful. Obviously most well known for Gavin and Stacey, my crush started when he appeared in Fat Friends. Not only is he gorgeous, but he makes me laugh so much and I love that in a man.

20130920-115647 AM.jpg

Another huge crush I have had for many years now is Jason Done, who played Tom Clarkson in Waterloo Road. Why? Well is SUCH a brilliant teacher and works so hard with the kids making them make the best of themselves. He was a friend to them and then THEY KILLED HIM OFF! Something I’m still very bitter about. He went through so much he should of gone off into the sunset, not off the top of the school building. *wipes tears from eyes*.

20130920-120203 PM.jpg

Someone else I’ve recently got a crush on is Alan Halsall, he plays Tyrone Dobbs in Corrie. He plays such a lovely character and he is too nice for his own good. Plus his a mechanic, who doesn’t love a man in overalls and covered in grease?

20130920-120759 PM.jpg

This last place was easy as I’ve also loved him for years, not only because he makes me laugh but his ginger too! (Result) Martin Freeman who played Tim in the office. Oh I adored him in that show, he was so in love with Dawn and it broke my heart when she left and I cried so much, but them she can back and I cried harder. Not only was he completely in love. He was hilarious with Gareth, and his facial expressions made the show for me.

20130920-121346 PM.jpg

I know I’m supposed to only have five but can I also express some love for Dexter Fletcher, he played Tony in Hotel Babylon. He was brilliant in that show and I heart him so much.

20130920-121652 PM.jpg

I also have a HUGE crush on Robert Lindsay who played Ben in My Family.

20130920-122609 PM.jpg

So that was my top 5. I could of mentioned many more, I think I managed to restrain myself quite well.

I’m tagging;





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