2013 Book Reviews

Mutton by India Knight

20131005-063255 AM.jpg

‘Claire Hunt is forty-six years old and in pretty good nick, considering. She has kick-ass underwear, a large and loving family, and a healthy sense of what matters in life. Until Gaby moves in.

Gaby’s an old school friend of Clara who has just returned from LA. she may be a yoga mogul who lives off kale and speaks a made-up fantasy novel language, but Gaby’s no stranger to cosmetic surgery: she’s almost fifty, but looks thirty-six at most.

What with Gaby, and Clara’s so’s leggy girlfriend, Sky wafting around the house in her stripy pants, Clara starts to wonder if a little Botox, a little filler, a nip and a tuck, would be so very wrong. Should she ignore the fear? Or is there another way to grow old gracefully – and how far is she prepared to go to find out?’

I was sent this from Catherine at Penguin Books, so I would firstly like to say thank you for allowing me to review Mutton.

When I first read the synopsis of the book I instantly thought this sounds like it’s going to be hilarious. Unfortunately I only found it mildly amusing. It started off really well but then got a bit stale and I became a bit bored and struggled to finish it.

I didn’t really connect with the characters, maybe it’s because of my age. I think maybe if you are of a certain age you would appreciate it more.

Sadly this book wasn’t for me, but it wouldn’t put off trying other books of India’s, because I’ve heard really good things about them.

As always don’t let the fact I didn’t enjoy this book put you off, you may like it. We all have different tastes.

The link for Mutton is here:


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