2013 Book Reviews

Happy Birthday Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly

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‘You are cordially invited to a wedding at Purley Hall…

It’s the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but it’s also a special year for Katherine Roberts and Warwick Lawton because they are getting married.

But Katherine can’t put her fear aside from her future and can Warwick put his pen down long enough to actually make it up the aisle?’

I’d firstly like to thank Victoria for the review copy of this novella. I’ve been a huge fan of Victoria’s for a while now and I adore the Austen Addicts stories so much. This is the fifth book in the series and if you haven’t read the others I really recommend you do as they are fabulous. I will put links to each book at the bottom.

When I started this I was so excited to be back in The Austen Addicts world. This story is the build up to Katherine and Warwick’s wedding day. Of course the only place for them to marry was Purley Hall along with their friends.

Rather than being an excited bride to be, Katherine is full of worry that she won’t be a good enough wife or that her and Warwick are just too similar and may eventually bore of each other. As for Warwick will he stop writing in time to attend his wedding, or will his sister put him off marriage for good?

As well as Katherine and Warwick’s story, we are of course told all about how Robyn and Dan are getting on. Dan is teaching people to ride horses and one of the woman who enquires seems to have her eyes solely on getting Dan to roll around in the hay!

I loved to hear about all the other characters from the other books, it’s so interesting to find out what they are up to, even if it’s only snippets.

What I enjoy most is how each guest dressed up as for the occasion in special Jane Austin attire. These people aren’t called the Austen Addicts for nothing.

A truly romantic and dreamy tale that fits oh so perfectly into the series. I absolutely adore Victoria’s style of writing, she draws you in and keeps you completely hooked until the last page. This novella has left me wanting yet more, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to some of my favourite book characters just yet.

Beautiful, stunning and toe tinglingly good.

They don’t have to be read in order and are easy to pick up as separate books, but I can highly recommend them all.

The link to Happy Birthday Mr Darcy the ebook is here:

And the links for the others in the series is here:

A Weekend with Mr Darcy (book 1) ebook:

A Weekend With Mr Darcy (book 1) paperback:

The Perfect Hero (book 2) ebook:

The Perfect Hero (book 2) paperback:

Mr Darcy Forever (Book 3) ebook:

Christmas with Mr Darcy (Book 4) ebook:


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