My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Catriona

Today stranded and in need of fictional help is Catriona.

20130927-061138 PM.jpg

Ok when I heard what this feature was all about, I thought, well I’d need someone practical, someone to have a laugh with and also perhaps a love interest, to keep me entertained of course! The first person that popped into my head was Nathan from Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon. He’s a chilled out surfer so he would be ok at knowing what to do on the desert island. He’d be Abel to teach me how to surf and I know he would be good with his hands if we needed a shelter building or anything…

20130927-061320 PM.jpg

Secondly I’d definitely have Alex from the I heart series by Lyndsey Kelk with me. As I said in my previous feature, he remind me of my boyfriend so I’d definitely want him around, plus he could bring his guitar and keep us all entertained. Nathan is an early riser and Alex is the opposite so that would also work out well (I don’t know why that’s so important).

20130927-061401 PM.jpg

I’d want someone to chat to and have a laugh with and so therefore I think I’d get on really well with Gracie from The Naughty Girls Book Club. Plus we could chat about books and things so I’d think she’d be the perfect choice!

20130927-061507 PM.jpg

I think I’d like a mother figure to look after me as well so if I wasn’t allowed to take my mum with me I think I might take Rose from Dearest Rose. She is a tough cookie and an awesome mum, I know she would keep me safe and also be able to improvise with a few home comforts on the island.

20130927-061551 PM.jpg

Now this is the hardest one, who should be my final fictional character, do I go for someone I’d love to hang out with? Someone with some intelligence? Another hot guy? Or someone who can be useful to the group? Hmm… I think that for pure fun factor, I would take Ticket from By My Side by Alice Peterson. He is just gorgeous and would mean that I always had someone loyal I could cuddle!

20130927-061649 PM.jpg

This has been really interesting to think about. I had never thought about their characters based in their position in my life, or indeed any life other than their own fictional lives! I’ve really enjoyed writing this.

Cheers Victoria!

Thank you so much for taking part, Ticket has been quite popular!

Tomorrow is the last piece for this feature and it’s all down to Elizabeth.


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