My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Laura Delve

Today we have the very lovely Laura sharing her 5 fictional characters she would need of a deserted island.

20130923-071809 AM.jpg

1.Katniss Everdeen

20130923-072206 AM.jpg

My number one person to take with me without a doubt (and an extremely obvious one) is Katniss Everdeen. Seriously she has amazing survival skills! I mean she practically won The Hunger Games twice! She has an excellent ability with a bow and arrow, so that’s food sorted! Also her trustworthiness and the way she sacrificed herself in her sisters place. She really is a no brainer! And they cast the perfect actress in the film.

20130923-072242 AM.jpg

2. Jacob Black

20130923-072354 AM.jpg

Jacob from Twilight is a triple win to take on a desert island. He’s not only hot; he can keep you warm on cold nights and turn into a wolf to fight off predators and dangerous people! Nuff said! I have chosen Eclipse out of the series and this is when Bella discovers that Jacob can keep her warm.

20130923-072607 AM.jpg

3. Hermione Granger

20130923-072756 AM.jpg

One main reason- Hermione can do magic! So I am pretty much sorted if I take her. She may be a bit bossy, but she’s super organised and a fantastic witch. She will keep everything in order and she would be a great friend to have! Again perfect casting and I really liked her in The Order of the Phoenix!

4. Archer

20130923-075825 AM.jpg

Archer is strong and very protective and of course another hottie! He can also do magic and I’m hoping that he would fall in love with me so that he would do anything to protect me! Swoon!!

20130923-075901 AM.jpg

5. Peter

20130923-075950 AM.jpg

Peter in The Declaration Trilogy is my last but not least person to take away with me. Peter is very good at getting out of tricky situations. Also in case we need to escape or make a get away, I would trust Peter to get us to safety. He would be a great friend to have and know that he would stand up for us all! I know the guy in the picture was cast in The Hunger Games, but I think he would make a great Peter in this (not Peeta ;)).

20130923-080036 AM.jpg

Thank you so much Laura for taking part. Jacob was a good call!

Tomorrow Holly Martin is on my island and fighting for survival.


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