My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Kevin Loh

Today Kevin is telling us all about the fictional characters he would take on a deserted island.

20130922-081153 AM.jpg

1. Rebecca Bloomwood (Shopaholic series)
I am going to be completely selfish to drag Becky from her rosy life with her man and daughter to be with me, mainly because, I would NEVER run out of clothes to wear! Loaded with a luggage full of designer wear, I think she and I would be the best dressed survivors! After all, we do have to look good when we’re being rescued, right? *winks*

20130922-081252 AM.jpg

2. Edward Cullen (Twilight series)
OK, he’s definitely qualified, right? He’s a vampire. But he’s fictional! Har har. Can you imagine being on a stranded island with a “vegetarian vampire”? I would never starve. He will hunt for me and after drinking all the poor animals’ blood, I can easily have barbecue for every meal! Added bonus, he’s smokin’ hot and he’d be my personal bodyguard. And his “sparkling, glimmering skin” would come in handy when I need to suntan!

20130922-081333 AM.jpg

3. Hermione Granger (HP series)
My personal favourite: her beaded handbag, which she has put a extension charm on it. So it’s literally bottomless, its space is infinite! If you watch HP, you’d know! Har har. Imagine all the books (I WILL NEVER GET BORED!) and necessities I can store in it. Including a tent! And of course, Hermione is exceptionally clever, so she’ll think of something when we plan for our escape.

20130922-081419 AM.jpg

4. Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect – film)
I don’t know if it’s strictly for fictional characters in BOOKS, but if I may, I would love to have Fat Amy along with me. She was hilarious in Pitch Perfect – had me laughing till my tummy ached and tears in my eyes while clapping like a seal. I would never die of boredom or loneliness if I have Fat Amy with me!

20130922-081506 AM.jpg

5. Prince Hugo (Killer Queens)
If there’s a possibility that we’d be stranded on a TROPICAL island, I would want to have Prince Hugo with me. Tropical island. Phallic fruit? Yes. Abundant with bananas. *gleam in eye*

20130922-081603 AM.jpg

Haha BRILLIANT Kev! I promise to make sure there are plenty of bananas.

Tomorrow taking part is Laura Delve.


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