My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Sharon Wilden

Today we have Sharon telling us all about how she would survive my island.

20130918-075749 AM.jpg

Victoria certainly comes up with some interesting topics for guest features so when I agreed to take part in this one I didn’t anticipate how much fun, or actually how hard it would be, to come up with 5 fictional characters to join me on a deserted island.

Do I go for a mix of male or female or simply just go for a group of male eye-candy? Decisions, decisions….but in the end these are the 5 characters I came up with…

So first off I had to think of someone who would be a practical person to have around to help set up camp as anyone who knows me will gladly tell you how cack-handed I am and DIY is not my forte! So for this one, I actually had a shortlist of 3 but in the end I went with Leo from Barbara Delinsky’s Sweet Salt Air as not only was he a good handyman he was also an author so hopefully he’d be able to keep me entertained with some stories as well 😉 I was trying to picture who I thought he might resemble and decided on a very rugged Gerard Butler.

20130918-080243 AM.jpg

Having got the camp set up I now needed to find someone who was handy in the kitchen…albeit an open air one… so I think it would have to be Rocco Disanti in Sasha Wagstaff’s Recipe for Love although he might struggle cooking with the absence of a designer kitchen! For Rocco there could only be one person Gino D’Acampo

20130918-080532 AM.jpg

Now that we’ve got the handyman and chef out of the way, the next campmate would have to be a musician as we all need a bit of music to listen to as otherwise we’re likely to go a little stir-crazy. So how about Johnny Jefferson from Paige Toon’s Johnny Be Good? I think Alex O’Loughlin who plays Steve Garrett Hawaii 5-0 would make a good Johnny.

20130918-080933 AM.jpg

Next up it would have to be Jacques from Belinda Jones’ Winter Wonderland as quite frankly I fell in love with him whilst reading this book…I know he’s not real but he seemed like the perfect guy if there was ever such a man! I don’t think there’s much call for husky racing on a desert island but I’m sure I can come up with other ways to entertain him… In my head I have only ever pictured one guy as Jacques and that is Nick Wechsler who played Jack in Revenge.

20130918-081235 AM.jpg

Finally every girl needs a gay best friend and for me there was only one choice… it just had to be Eddie from Cupcakes at Carrington’s and it just had to be Luke Macfarlane.

20130918-081429 AM.jpg

You can get in touch with me via my blog or Twitter
Twitter – @shazsbookblog

Thank you for taking part Sharon but I am afraid I am going to have to evict you and I will regrettably take your place. The island is no place for you, how unfair of me….. The men? Oh no they can stay….

Tomorrow stranded by my powers is the lovely Charli.


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