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Question Time with Author Jack Croxall #2

Hey book geeks, today I have the very lovely Jack being grilled all about his short story X, which I reviewed here:

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X Questions

X is a short story, which grabs you and leaves you desperate for more. You did this completely on purpose didn’t you? Will there be more X to come?

That’s a lovely thing to say, thank you Victoria! I did try my best to make the story as immersive as possible, and I hope the fact that X is just a normal teenage girl (albeit in an extraordinary situation) helps people connect with her plight. I’m so glad that you want more X and I can tell you that, yes, there are more stories from X’s world to come! The next one will be called Wye and it will be a lot longer.

Please put me out of my misery what are “uglies”? Are they brain eating Zombies?

Sorry, but you have to decide for yourself what they are! The clues are there, however …

Where did the uglies come from?

I really don’t know! I’m thinking of exploring that in Wye, but I’m yet to find out their true source. I think once they do arrive however, the characters are more concerned with staying alive than figuring out what created them – I can’t really blame them!

Where did the story X come from?

I’d been mulling X over in the back of my mind for months, I had a character and a setting but no theme – no real point to the book. Then, one day, I got an idea and I just ran with it. Luckily, that idea (sisterly love) turned out to be the very thing that gave the story meaning.

I adore the cover of the book, did you design it yourself?

Thank you! It’s actually the handiwork of someone I know you and your readers are very familiar with – Sharon Sant (author of The Memory Game). I had a vague idea what I wanted but I needed the multi-talented Sharon to help me out with the actual design. I think she did fabulously!

If I was in X’s position I wouldn’t last long, I imagine I would be killed off very quickly. How do you think you would fair against the Uglies?

Crikey, I think I’d be finished pretty soon too! Maybe if we teamed up we’d last longer? I think hiding out in a corner shop might be wise, then there’d be lots of chocolate to keep us going. We’d need someone who could fight as part of the gang, too; maybe some of your book boyfriends could help us out in that respect?!

Who would play X in a movie?

X might actually be adapted into a short film at some point (my brother is a professional film-maker), but we shall have to see. As for who would play X? It would no doubt be a relative unknown but we would have to find the absolute perfect person. The whole project would hinge on that.

How long did X take for you to write?

I think I wrote it over the course of a month, but, as I said before, I had been mulling it over a lot longer. I wanted it to be short and have serious impact, so it was a case of tweaking X’s journal entries for much of that time rather than just churning out the words!

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You can buy the book here:

You can find Jack here:

Thank you so much Jack for taking the time to answer my questions.


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