My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Jody

Today we have the very lovely Jody abandoned and in need of help.

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For this feature on her blog, Victoria has definitely handed over a question I can honestly say has never crossed my mind before. Of course I’ve thought about somehow ending up on a deserted island, first crying my eyes out and then getting used to the environment and suddenly becoming a queen of the jungle who is able to make fire from nothing and eat scary-looking bugs without a shiver… I’m not the only one, right? But the thought of being allowed to pick 5 fictional characters to join me on this adventure, well, that requires a bit of thinking!

1. Noah (Carole Matthews – A Cottage by the Sea)

20130917-074038 AM.jpg

So, the first thing I will definitely need on a deserted island is a man who knows what to do when he’s stuck on an island, far away from any form of civilisation. I’m definitely not the ‘come on, let’s find some wood and build our own hut to sleep in’ kind of girl (which is…. quite unfortunate in a situation like this), so I need someone who can help me with this. I immediately thought of the lovely Noah from Carole Matthews’ ‘A Cottage by the Sea’. He’s one of those fabulous men who seems to be able to do anything when it comes to nature and living in the wild, so I definitely need him around! Next to that, I also need a handsome man to keep me distracted from wanting to go home, so Noah appears to be the perfect first choice!

2. Peeta Mellark (Suzanne Collin – The Hunger Games)

20130917-074125 AM.jpg

The second book that comes to mind when I’m thinking about surviving, is ‘The Hunger Games.’ If any fictional characters know what it’s like to do anything to survive after ending up in an expected environment, it’s these guys. So, my second pick is Peeta Mellark. He knows how to survive, doesn’t shy away from a challenge, and he comes from a baker’s family (I’m sure he will be able to throw together some ingredients and make some tasty food). Besides, another attractive male wandering around this deserted island won’t hurt, right?

20130917-074148 AM.jpg

3. Scarlett O’Brien (Ali McNamara – From Notting Hill with Love…Actually)

20130917-074227 AM.jpg

Of course, a couple of nice-looking men helping me out on this deserted island sounds promising. Yet, I think I would not be able to survive without a girlfriend with whom I can discuss the handsome men, complain about the uncomfortable ‘beds’ (probably sleeping on the bare ground, but let’s stay positive here), and dream about romantic comedies in which the heroine is always saved one way or another. Who would fit this image better than Scarlett O’Brien from Ali McNamara’s fabulous ‘From Notting Hill with Love… Actually’? I’m sure she and I would get along from the very first second, so I need someone like her on this island to keep me sane.

4. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice)

20130917-074429 AM.jpg

I’m a big Jane Austen fan, so I couldn’t not pick one of her characters. In this situation, I’d have to go with Fitzwilliam Darcy. He’s willing to do whatever he can to help out the people he cares about, and I’ll just have to make sure I become one of those people. Besides, the prospect of becoming the lady of Pemberley, Darcy’s estate, will definitely get me through those long nights on a deserted island…

20130917-074500 AM.jpg

5. Hermione Granger (J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter)

20130917-074525 AM.jpg

We need some more female blood on this island, to even things out a bit. I’ve always loved Hermione from J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series, and I know we would definitely get along. Oh, and the small detail that she knows magic will be revealed as soon as we’ve had enough of being stuck on a deserted island (and knowing me, that will be pretty quickly) and we’ll be on our way back to civilisation with a blink of an eye (or the wave of a wand, in this case)!

20130917-074552 AM.jpg

Thank you so much Jody for taking part, I loved Scarlett. Good choice!

Tomorrow taking part it’s Sharon Wilden.


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