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Question Time with Author Sharon Sant #3

Today I have an interview with the amazingly talented Sharon Sant. I’ve questioned her all about her latest book The Memory Game which I adored.

Here is my review;

20130916-013607 PM.jpg

1. I already know the answer, but for those who don’t, where did the idea for the memory game come from?

It actually began life as a short story idea that came from a photo handed to me in a creative writing class at university. I was given a picture of an abandoned bike and asked to think up a story scenario. What ultimately became the accident that causes David’s death was what came to me.

2. Some of the things that happen in the book, particularly to Bethany, broke my heart. Did you find those parts difficult to write?

To be honest, not at the time, because I’m so ‘in the zone’ that I don’t think about it, I just feel it and write. That sounds weird, but that’s pretty much what happens. So I probably do feel that emotion, but it doesn’t register with me because I’m just concentrating on writing it all down.

3. Was there anything you edited out?

Actually, I added stuff in! It started out as a short story, and then became a novella of about 30,000 words. I added scenes after it had been beta read and it grew to about 50,000 words. It’s quite a spare narrative to begin with, so where I would usually chop a lot from my books in the final edits, this didn’t seem to need that much.

4. If you had to choose one person to be able to see and speak to you as a ghost, who would you pick?

This is such a tough question. I’d want it to be either of my two daughters, but it’s impossible to choose which one!

5. You made me cry uncontrollably, did you cry when writing the ending or did you rub your hands together and cackle at what you’d done?

Ha ha! I didn’t cry when I wrote the ending, but I cried when I read it back and then again for each edit I did. I didn’t cackle and rub my hands in glee but I can’t deny that the idea of making people cry was one that pleased me immensely! If I’ve made anyone cry, then that’s the ultimate compliment. Sorry about that!

6. Have you got a favourite part? I particularly like when David was being silly on stage at the beginning.

Ah, that’s one of the more humorous scenes. There’s a scene I love which I can’t say too much about for the sake of spoilers, but David and Bethany are in the graveyard and it’s about to snow. They have a game throughout the book, called the memory game (hence the title!) where Bethany tries to make David remember things he liked when he was alive. In this scene it’s David’s turn to help Bethany try to imagine doing a particular thing that she has never done before. I love their easy banter and their relationship takes such a sweet turn here.

7. David and Bethany strike up a very unusual yet wonderful friendship. Have you ever had a friendship similar?

To be honest, I’m not sure I have! I don’t examine my friendships in that way really, though, I just enjoy them, so perhaps I have and don’t realise!

8. Can you describe your book in 5 words?

Bleak and dark, yet hopeful.

9. Who would you pick to play David and Bethany in the movie?

These questions are always so hard. I imagine Bethany to look like Dakota Fanning, though she’s probably a little bit too old to play Bethany now at the ripe old age of 19! Dakota can look pretty, but also awkward and gawky at the same time, with a real wide-eyed innocence about her, and that would be perfect for Bethany. For David, off the top of my head, there’s a show on CBBC at the moment called Wolfblood and the boy who plays a character called Rhydian, Bobby Lockwood, has that sort of moody look that I imagine David to have. The model on the cover of the book that was designed by the wonderful Paper & Sage is perfect, too. I have no idea who he is but I wonder if he wants to do some acting!

20130916-013652 PM.jpg

20130916-013703 PM.jpg

The link for The Memory Game is here;

Thank you so much Sharon for agreeing to my questions again. I really appreciate it.


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