My Deserted Island Feature

My Deserted Island Feature by Liz Wilkins

Today all alone in an island is Liz, fear not she is of course welcome to choose 5 fictional characters to join her.

20130916-055809 AM.jpg

So, this has been terrific fun to think about and to write, but boy is it hard! Only 5 allowed when really I would like to take a fair few more book characters plus all my real life friends to boot. But the rules are the rules, so here we go. Oh I may have bent the rules slightly with my first choice!

Firstly I would take Louis and Angel from the Charlie Parker series of books by John Connolly. A bit of a cheat perhaps but they come as a pair, are usually together, and its doubtful that one would get stranded without the other! Louis is an assassin with a conscious and Angel is a great thief. Just in case we run into a band of marauding tribesmen with spears, who also happen to be stockpiling all the available food , these two would be handy to have around…

Secondly it would have to be Thursday Next from Jasper Fforde’s set of books. Thursday is resourceful, witty and clever and would be amusing to have around. She also has the ability to jump in and out of literature so if even one of us has a book handy, the possibilities are endless…

Thirdly it would have to be Alex Verus, mage and shopkeeper from the set of books by Benedict Jacka. Alex has the handy trick of being able to foresee the future and is also terrific at almost accidentally getting out of trouble. Handy to have around. If there is danger approaching we can be prepared…

On the more practical side, my fourth choice is Roland, the gunslinger from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Again handy with a weapon, he is also used to foraging, finding shelter and generally looking after himself in wild surroundings. The only slight downside is that he tends to attract the Dark Man…still, we’ve got Alex to see him coming!

Finally I’m going with a bit of fun and frolics. Rupert Campbell Black from Jilly Coopers Riders amongst other novels. A bit of a cad, but extraordinarily good looking and with an ironic wit, he will keep me amused and provide a wee bit of eye candy. Oh and you know..if there are horses on the island he will have them tamed and ready to ride in under a day. Handy for transport from one side of the island to the other when we are hunting down those tribesmen….

Thank you to Victoria for asking me to take part in this! Loved it.

Thank you so much for taking part Liz. Tomorrow stranded and alone on my deserted island will be Jody.


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